Saturday Randomness

I was reading about Neuroscience in the 2011 Free nonfiction from Baen Books (REALLY good, along with the free fiction), and started thinking about brain and nerve development.

One of the hard parts of implanting cochlear devices is that, sometimes, the brain of the person just hasn't any way of interpreting the sounds.  The nerves in adults are more resistant to growth than in younger patients.  There is, however, a treatment that has dramatic results in many cases - doses of amphetamines administered under a doctor's supervision.

I started thinking about the implications for stroke and Alzenheimer's patients.  And, it happens, the researchers believe that Alzenheimer's may be treatable within the next 15 years or so.

Do read the article - so that you might begin to think intelligently about the issue, and have some basis for understanding what is likely to become a very important target for research.

I'm at the Chicago airport (Midway), waiting for my ride home.  I arrived VERY early, but sailed right through a quite pleasant and non-intrusive TSA screening.  I joked with the screeners about the lack of people, and they responded in the same way.  It did help to have the Precheck status (usually get it, but not always).

I had a fabulously restful visit with my children.  The delight of not killing them when young is that they become adults you enjoy associating with.

Yes, I do realize that I tend to end sentences with prepositions - I'm from Cleveland, and that's just "what we do" - deal with it.


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