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I should be a whole lot slimmer today, based on The Obama Diet. Here's how it works:
  • You plan out what you INTEND to eat.   For example,  PLANNED to eat the over-the-top "heart-attack" special - a 1/3 pound hamburger from Hardee's, with fries, shake, and, of course, a desert.  I calculated it at around  2700 calories, more or less. 
  • Then, you substitute a more normal fast food meal - about 750 calories.
  • Voila! This should have you losing weight FAST - after all, you saved about 1950 calories - that's about 1/3 of a pound - for just lunch. If you do the same at breakfast and dinner, you should be reed-slim in no time.
So, why am I still overweight?


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