Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Break

I've been looking forward to this all week - the purposeful refusal to dwell on the things of this world that will pass, and a dedication to thinking about Eternal Topics.

This week, I was thinking about Charity and Triage:

  • I'm not one to say that sheltering the homeless, welcoming the stranger, and other Cardinal Works of Mercy are not important. Certainly, many Christians can make an argument that these are legitimate uses of their time and energy, and should be at the top of their Merciful Works. I'm just not convinced that the taxpayer should pay for it.
  • Why don't the Gates, Soros, Buffett, Zuckerberg, et al, concentrate on using their money for relief for those displaced by war, building homes to replace dilapidated public housing, training ex-cons for honest work, etc? That would be a charitable use, that would easily fulfill the requirements of NGOs in the USA. Instead, they seem to delight in meddling with politically-tinged causes, such as advocating and lobbying for us to take in more refugees, without reference to whether SOME of them slipping in would be inclined to particularly pernicious forms of Islamic thought.
  • I've fallen WAY behind on my spiritual reading this Lent. All my fault (mea culpa, etc.). In fairness, the last 2 weeks have been hectic - preparing for surgery (taking off from a teaching job is WAY more work than staying, even if you're ill), then, recovering from it. I'm almost off painkillers, except for bedtime, so I should be able to stay awake after 8:30 this weekend, and get back in the groove. I hope.
  • Speaking of faults - one of mine is a tendency to speak sharply when I think - KNOW - that someone is hopelessly wrong on a topic. Why do I think it's my job to straighten that person out? Could it be that my root failing is the fundamental of the 7 Sins? Pride? I gotta work on that.
  • Family is important - this evening, we will have the rare privilege of visiting with our nephew and his wife in Charlotte. And the grandnieces and their new brother. That's one of many reasons that I'm looking forward to retirement - the opportunity to spend more time with family and friends.
Something just came into view right before this was scheduled to post. It's the idea of whatever is going on with the MANY unchurched, not just Progressives, but also Conservatives, and how they will change politics. It's worth reading.

Also - fascinating reading about Norse mythology, and the connection between pagan and Christian thought.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Back At Work - I Can't Kick

Literally. I can't kick.

I managed. I wasn't my sharpest. I moved slowly, and with the assistance of either my knee stroller (see below) or a cane.
Image result for knee stroller
Mine is green and black, but, basically, the same.

I have a teacher's day tomorrow, so will be able to catch up on grading and entry. I showed a movie today The Martian - quite educational, and right in line with what we had been doing in class:

  • Gas laws
  • The importance of water, and it's use as a solvent

My physics class will be working on - Work and Energy.

Which I don't have much of today.
Image result for tired teacher

Well, not every day - but today, yes.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Out of Surgery - Owie! Owie! Owie!

The problem is never with the actual operation - the surgeon/anesthetist takes great care that you should be in no pain.

The problem is AFTER - you have the unpleasant choice between being doped up, or in pain. Or, with tremendous effort, somewhere in between.

I'm going off to get a little hit on the drugs. A girl can only stand so much.


Monday, March 13, 2017

Heading into Surgery

Don't be alarmed - it's not that major. My toe needs the bony overgrowth cleared out. If there is sufficient cartilage, that will be it.

Otherwise, I'm going to have a titanium end-cap put on the toe, to allow it to move smoothly when the joint bends.

It sucks that I have to fast this morning. I'm counting down the time until Dennis comes home to drive me to the hospital. By this time tomorrow morning, the sedative will have worn off, hopefully, I won't be in too much pain, and I should be relatively mobile, if a little slow.

I doubt I will feel at all like blogging or any writing for a few days (the sedatives may dictate some backing away from the computer).


Sunday, March 05, 2017

Sunday Break

I'm fascinated by politics, and the intersection of it with culture. Hence, those two major themes underly much of my posting.

Not today, however. It's Sunday, and I'm using Lent as an excuse NOT to post on my usual topics on my day of rest.

Assorted thoughts/ideas:

  • I'm a catechist at my church (St. Anne Church, Rock Hill, SC). I facilitate the Adult group that meets on Wednesday evening. This coming week, the group will be looking at G. K. Chesterton (alas, I will not be there - I have a conflicting science workshop to attend). For more information about Chesterton, most of which I did not know before preparing for our group, go here.
  • I'm simultaneously following Lenten dietary practices, and doing Weight Watchers. Good timing, it turns out. Most of the stuff I shouldn't be eating is the sort of stuff that ends up on most people's Give Up for Lent list. I did NOT give up any food for Lent; instead, I decided to spend time each day reading something worthwhile. Don't ask how that is going - I may have to dedicate an entire day to catching up, soon.
  • I've been grading a good portion of the last 3 days. Unlike earlier years, when I would do a 1 or 2 day blitz to catch up, I've found that extended time trying to read students' handwriting leaves me with blurred or double vision. I've had to learn to chop up those marathon sessions into mini-blitzkreigs.
  • One thing that I've been doing enough of to start achieving competency is learning Morse Code (CW, as it's called by radio operators). There is an online program that is self-paced, and quite good. I'm already starting to recognize letters by sound. Is CW necessary? No - you can connect by voice, digital, or other means. It's just NEAT, and a very efficient way to do so on the road, with minimal equipment, low power, and in poor signal conditions.
  • I've been praying for a friend of my eldest daughter - she is dying of breast cancer. It was only discovered at a very advanced stage, after years of misdiagnosis. I can't entirely blame the doctors - her symptoms were vague, and could easily have been something else. She is not 40 years old, and is likely to die within a short time. Susan will be missed by all - she is a good hearted, earnest, and fun-loving person.


Monday, February 27, 2017

Yeah, I'm Beginning to Hear the Goosesteps...

...but, it's not Trump's guys.

It's in - wait for it - Modern Germany. Yeah, that place where ANY depiction of Nazi paraphenalia is Verbotten!

Read here to see how German courts have made it a LEGAL form of protest to attack a synagogue with BOMBS, if those 'protesters' claim that they are ONLY acting against Israel.

But, somehow, acting against Jews, not Israelis.

Because - German citizens who are Jews REALLY represent Israel.

Not Germany.


Friday, February 24, 2017

What Now, Milo?

This is not merely Milo's problem. This is a problem for ALL of us who step outside the lines.

If we allow Milo to be punished by the corporate suits, who are too afraid of the 'mean kids' to risk displeasure, we're as bad as they are.

We need to commit to supporting his work, setting aside some cash to buy his book on Kindle, and getting prepared to help him get his message out.

Because, like Trump, he is NOT a perfect man - he can be quite outrageous. But, like Trump, he FIGHTS.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pass the Popcorn!

I do care about the outcome, so watching this is not without some concern.


This is delicious. It is pure pleasure on the most basic level. The Entitled Elites are Ap-PALLED at the insolence of those - 'lesser peoples' - you know, the mouth-breathing, reflexively racist, patriarchal PIGS that pay their salaries and elect them to office.

Except, this time, they haven't.

And it makes them SICK!

Oh, and THIS.

Can you IMAGINE! That, that, that....Buffoon! That Noveau Riche actually thinks that having won the election entitles him to actually set policy!

Imagine that.