Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Alternative to Civil War

My ancestors fought in the last one. I'm not eager to join that club.

Some say we are already there. I'm more hopeful; I think, with some rational thinking, and some willingness to back away from the precipice, we can avoid it.

What has caused this level of separation?

  • Too many have absorbed the idea that there are two ways of looking at situations - MY way, and the Wrong way. For that matter, it's not just the Wrong Way, it's considered the EVIL, H8FUL, and needs to be completely eliminated way.
  • Some people are incapable of communicating without SHOUTING, or the digital equivalent of ALL CAPS!!!!!!!! and LOTS of !!!!!!!!!!!
  • FEELINGS trump (sorry, Progressives) logic. If I have a logical argument supporting my point, the very least I expect is that any disagreement will be met with a counter-argument. Not tears, flailing of arms, shouting, and chanting slogans. The winner should be one that can demonstrate through logic that their viewpoint is correct, not the one that holds their breath until they turn blue.
  • Your ethnic history, color, religion (or lack of it), language, etc., are not props to your argument. Nor, a closing point. They are just moderately interesting things about you. Now, if your PERSONAL history contains a PERSONAL experience that adds to (not replaces) your argument, well, feel free to include it. But, don't substitute any of the preceding for logic.
  • You are free to think of 'your tribe' as a particular ethnic/color/religious group. However, in THIS country, the common tribe is American. It's a different kind of tribe - anyone can join, provided they agree to abide by the principles of the Constitution.
  • Some accept the results of elections (although they might grumble about obvious and blatant voter fraud). However, they do accept the outcome, as well as the office-holders. Others violently resist any suggestion that the current president was elected legitimately, scurry around to try to institute impeachment (even before the new guy takes office), and declares a Fort Sumpter moment. Both secession and refusal to recognize Federal authority were a prime feature of the 1st Civil War, and seem to be at issue here.
  • The two major sides seem to have irreconcilable differences. The positions are solidifying, and neither seems to see an advantage to compromise. So, while I would prefer to avoid open warfare, to judge by the Antifa forces' actions in the recent riots, that may not be possible. The recent 'pushback' by people tired of taking abuse, both verbal and physical, is more likely to happen again.


Friday, April 21, 2017

How I USED to Be

I started reading this, because Francis Porretto of Bastion of Liberty told me to (and, I have a long acquaintance with him - he has earned my trust).

I got about 1/2 way down the post, and felt like I was reading my story.
I’m going to be very real with you for a moment, and take off my hat has a blogger, an author, and whatever else I may be, and just speak to you as a man.
This could have been me.
Does that surprise you? There was a time I skirted so close to falling under this spell, it would shock you. I felt the guilt, the social pressure, the desire for conformity. Despite the terrible weight such ideology carries on the mind, it is absurdly easy to fall into it. Every day we are assaulted by the agitprop. It is so easy to just say “yes, it’s all my fault, I will submit and obey.”
It will bring momentary relief, because you will no longer have to fight a narrative that is bombarded upon you 24 hours a day. That mental effort is, itself, rather exhausting on the mind. But if you accept the chains, that is a far greater weight, one that will destroy you. The chains are seductive. They call, because of the enormous weight of social power behind them.
I'm not writing what I do, and posting the links because I am a hateful, bitter old woman, eager to start a fight.

I've deleted a LOT of replies when I realized that, even though I was responding to something I actually knew something about - and, the person who had posted that misinformation/propaganda was factually wrong - if I did hit Reply, it might damage that relationship beyond repair.

Folks, it's easy to go along with the crowd. The Progressive crowd is the one that has all the media on its side. The "cool kids" are all Progressives. Heck, most of my family is Progressive - there were only a few of us that resisted the pressure to vote for Hill.

Why did we do it?

  • Were we driven by hate, fear, and a deep-seated desire to impose the theocracy on all others? No, can't say that.
  • Had we been brain-washed by listening to Rush? No, I only caught about 2 minutes of his show, once, before DH turned it off. Hadn't realized what it was at the time, was just looking for something to keep me alert on a drive.
  • Are we just not understanding the issues? I like to think that I have decent analytic skills, and have gotten my information from a variety of sources - from Leftist and all the way to the Right.
  • Do we just not understand the Constitution? I had Constitutional Law in college, and am quite familiar with it's words.
  • Do we just not CARE about the SUFFERING of others? Well, they may have me there - I do care about serious suffering - death, famine, and the like. I just don't think that failing to use the preferred pronouns, or refusing to coddle a grown person by giving them MY money rises to the level of 'cruel and unusual punishment'.
Depressing? Eh, just roll with it. Or not - is it worth breaking up a friendship?

Here's some random links I found that you'll like:


Thursday, April 20, 2017

I'm Confused

I do understand that, sometimes, people become incensed about something they consider an injustice. At times, they may take that into the streets as a protest.

What I'm having trouble with is shown below:

Actual violence is just free speech. However, speech that you find offensive is NOT protected by the Constitution, because it's REALLY a form of violence.
Unlike ACTUAL violence, which is protected.
You can see why my head is spinning. Ironically, their violence is to protest another person's Freedom of Speech, presumably protected by the 1st Amendment.

Using masks while committing violence may be prohibited by laws that originally targeted the KKK.

Can't wait to see if these laws will be enforced against the SJWs.


Monday, April 17, 2017

They Do NOT Get Irony

Fearless Girl is not a bad statue, but it IS pointless.

It shows a small child 'bravely' facing down the bull, which represents a stock market that is rising.

So - are girls against money?


Funny How that "Cultural Appropriation" Thing Only Goes One Way

I gotta state this right up front:

I don't have a dog in this hunt.

In other words, no longer being a kid, or even a pre-teen, I don't dress up for Halloween. Or concerts. Or Burning Man (I've never attended).

I dress like a grown-up. Clothes that cover my private parts, clean and without holes (at least, intentional ones).

If I'm dressed down, I'm doing physical labor.

If I'm dressed up, it's because the occasion demands it, or because I'm on a date with my man, who just about ALWAYS looks good.

My hair is styled to keep it the heck out of my way, and not require on-the-go primping. It seldom takes more than 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to get my hair clean, dry, and complete.

My make-up is mascara, eyebrow pencil, and lipstick - occasionally more, but more often not. No Bindis, which is that dot worn by Indian women (NOT Native Americans, unless, like Nikki Haley, they are).

I don't generally do hats or head-coverings (they smoosh my hair down), so, no, I don't wear Indian headdresses - that's feather, not dot, Indians.

Don't give me crap about my use of the term Indian. I figure, as a direct descendant of one who was taken by force from his family by Indians, who also killed his mother and infant sister, as well as his brother's fiancee, and sold his sisters to others, to use them as they might - I'm entitled to refer to them any damn way I want.

Cultural Appropriation is a Bull$hit term.

If we carefully didn't style ourselves in those ways, they would say that we were hostile - else why would we NOT use those other ways to show beauty.

If we do show our appreciation of non-Caucasian beauty trends, we are belittled, even threatened for that.

As the British say, Bollocks to that.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Shades of Watergate! The Hits Keep Coming!

What I find so bizarre about the Obama Spying on Trump story is that each time the Media and the Progressives (but, I repeat myself) manage to twist the truth to convince their people that the story is OVER, another facet of it pops up.

And, then, The Donald tweets about it.

Leading to another frenzied rush to pretend that this is just business as usual, nothing to see.

For those not satiated with the news coverage, here is a link to a roundup of posts/articles about it.

...and coming, and coming, and...

...and coming - in case you've forgotten some of the abusive actions, here they are.

But, but, but...

Obama had a Scandal-Free Administration!

No, he did not. He had a Journalist-Ignoring-Scandals Administration.

Just like the Old Watergate Days, when Entitled Elites (trademark pending) were appalled - not at the abuses of power, but that non-elites would Question their decisions - Who Did Those Peasants Think They WERE!


Friday, April 07, 2017

Abuse of Power

The Spying on US Citizens is looking more and more like Business as Usual, and less like a one-time thing for Obama's administration.

There are many ways to deal with this besides prosecuting it as a crime. There is administrative - investigate, and if there is a finding that Rice abused her powers, yank her pension, right to use her former position as a reference, and allow those persons injured to sue and collect damages from her.

Put her under subpoena, and order her to testify - under oath - who knew about this abuse, besides her.

How can we determine whether this was an abuse? do we know whether unmasking is a massive abuse of power or a perfectly appropriate exercise of discretion? We apply common sense.
Was the questionable unmasking a single, isolated instance, or was it part of a pattern?
Obama's time in office was FULL of patterns of behavior, almost all unacceptable in a republic of citizens.

There is much evidence of a pattern:

And, yes, I do believe that it's time for use to start asking:
What did he know, and when did he know it?
On a POSITIVE note, Dr. Ben Carson's appointment to Head of HUD seems to have been a GOOD thing - at least for the taxpayers. $500 BILLION in errors - some of them unauditable (That's accountant-speak for - the people spending the money, or committing us to spending the money - have little to no paper trail. That means that they spent money that wasn't theirs without receipts/contracts/proof that the recipient did what they said they would do for the money)


Tuesday, April 04, 2017

If you haven't contacted your Senator,... so, today, and urge them to support the change in rules (the nuclear option) that would shut off a filibuster with less than 2/3 votes. I just sent such a note to Sen. Graham, and hope he is paying attention.
Even if your Senator is not one of the 'on the fence' Senators, making your voice known will allow them to apply pressure on the squishy ones that don't want to have conflict with the other Senators.

The site to go to is here. Enter your state or Senator's name in the Search Box, and make your feelings known.


A sad Way to Live a Life

Reading this, I was struck by something he said - all that energy and time expended on 'the cause' - and nothing to show for it.

On another note, Trump is facing a strong resistance - and, according to some observers, he is not acting effectively to combat it.

I'm on the fence. He seems not to care that his opponents are being funded by the very same people that want them OUT. An immediate downsizing of the bureaucracy (say, by about 1/5) would do a lot to starve the resistance.

However, I have to allow that he is experienced in working around government to achieve his ends. So, there may be an end game here, that isn't immediately obvious.

What I do know is:

For most of those who elected him, it's a HELP that he is rolling back the regulations, but it isn't a CURE.

They need a CURE - to wipe out the cancer of too much government interfering in the concerns of sovreign citizens.

In a short reference to ANOTHER ill in the world, I give you a lucid explanation of why pacifism only works in the civilized world.

We don't live in that kind of world, and I'll be damned if I will lose my life - or my civilization - trying to pretend that we do.


Police Shootings

There is a directed effort to effectively disarm police. The means used to to aggressively fight EVERY police shooting, claiming that the ONLY reason the cop used his/her gun is because that cop is a racist. The media are actively assisting this effort with their unwillingness to ask reasonable questions of the spokespersons and activists.

Here is a link to Bookwormroom, who addresses this issue, asking questions the media should have, and including a very interesting interactive video.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

An OLD, NEW Europe? With More Communist Expansion?

Look, I get that Russia is not necessarily our worst enemy. No, Putin cannot be trusted to act in any way that is not in his own best interest.

However, he is not our worst enemy - not as long as George Soros is alive.

I've written about Soros before. He is an example of just how awful Capitalism can be, when it is married to Radical Politics.

Soros finds Thugocratic Dictators much easier to work with than Free Markets. It was the basis of how he made so much money in the first place.

But, he has reached the point where either:

  1. He gets reined in - stopped from destabilizing governments, or,
  2. He will force all free governments from the face of this Earth.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Road to Zen Calm

...lies on the off-track to most media.

I'm a cultural Luddite. I seldom voluntarily listen to music - of ANY era. I like the silence.

I find that when I watch 'famous' people on the news, my only thought is - who the -bleep- ARE these people? I haven't a clue.

I don't watch that much TV (except when the Mr. and I watch together), and have even started skipping The Big Bang Theory, since they started focusing on the Relationships, rather than the Science.

My husband will be out of town for a few days - I doubt that I'll even bother turning on the TV.

The same with the news media. About once a day, I skim the FoxNews site headlines, occasionally click on a link, but, mostly just close the tab again. What information I get comes from a quick perusal of aggregation sites - Instapundit, Breitbart, a few bloggers I follow because I like their work - and, if more information is indicated, I check out a VARIETY of sites, from different perspectives (including, NYT, and other sources).

In totally unrelated news, the dread anti-Trad Families forces are once again attacking - this siege is aimed at forcing the 1st Grade Crowd to accept as normal - OR ELSE! - a boy wearing a girl's dress.  Naturally, they focused on Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools.

Sound to me like a recipe for success - because we all know how eager boys are to read about outre young'uns, don't we?


More on the Politically-Charged Spying 'Game'

This is one of the most lucid explanations of the current situation, and what it all means.

TECHNICALLY, Obama and the senior officials might not have been guilty of a crime, 'only' an abuse of power.

That's like saying, TECHNICALLY, Capone wasn't guilty of racketeering. He was 'only' guilty of tax evasion.

People of character still considered him a dirty, vicious, thuggish head of a criminal enterprise - who was not above getting his hands in the mess.

That should be the legacy of Obama - head of a dirty, vicious, thuggish group of criminals.  He should be shunned by decent people.