Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Cultural Epiphany

My husband and I caught the end of Mrs. Doubtfire. He remarked that the movie affected him differently, since Robin William's death. I countered that Mr. Williams, like many actors, had the rare human experience of having his work outlast his life.

Afterwards, however, I was struck by a sudden thought:

This is the NORM for kids today - that their parents will not be living together, and that they will be traveling to other 'homes' for visitation.

My husband quipped that our children were 'handicapped' - they'd lived with parents who were not only together, but married.

When making decisions about our relationships, we might ask ourselves:

What is the norm that you want your kids to have experienced?


Friday, February 17, 2017

Secret Communications Before Election?


Or, not.


Just Catching Up on the News

It's been a busy week in politics, and, yet, I don't feel the need to obsessively perch on the Internet, looking for new stories, as I did before the election.


I suppose, in some ways, I feel more secure with Trump in charge. Yes, he's a bombastic, over-the-top President, whose actions, in hiring and in diplomacy, could stand improvement.

But -

compared to the last President, and that OTHER candidate, he is OK. In some ways - immigration, for example, BETTER than OK.

And, I'm content with that. It's nice that I can go to sleep without worrying about the world's villains having weapons bestowed upon them by a feckless President, too eager to curry favor with rogue regimes, and too proud and stiff-necked to actually work with proven allies.

Wait a minute - isn't Russia something of a rogue regime?

No - it's a kleptocracy, and a thug, wanna-be empire. But, I've known thugs (10+ years teaching in the hood). You can often work with thugs, if you remember that they will only do so if it's in their interest. Don't trust them. Don't put yourself at a disadvantage compared to them - they will pounce on weakness.

But, yeah, you can definitely deal with them. And, better, you can sometimes use them to fend off worse thugs.

Say what you will about the thugs, they keep the neighborhood more stable than if gang warfare is the rule. And, a stable neighborhood is what is needed while the world flushes out the terrorist refugees, the hangers-on who will cooperate with them, and other assorted riff-raff. Once the majority of nations attain stability, then you might want to re-think that alliance.

Until then, work with them.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

If the Future is Female...

...then, why don't men declare an "I'm a Self-declared Female Year" and insist that ALL privileges of being female should accrue to them, as well?

This was triggered (Ooooh, that DREAD word!) by a recent post in National Review.


Friday, February 10, 2017

The Immigration Ban is NOT as Simple as it Seems

If the Supremes rule against the Federal government in this, it would open the door to MANY abuses.

The Democrats and Progressives, in their INTENSE dislike of Trump, would trample on every precedent. They did that with trashing the filibuster, because it impeded their plans, when they had the majority.

It is biting them in the butt now, when they do not.

I'd like to think even they could learn from recent history, but - probably not.

Read this to find out why.


Thursday, February 09, 2017

Smooth Move!

I saw this piece about ND - they are looking to collect taxes from the people who are protesting the pipelines. Rumor has it that many of them are being paid, so they SHOULD be issued 1099s or similar documents.

This can accomplish two things:

  • Find out who is responsible for paying them to protest
  • Find out who these people are
The answers should be interesting.


Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Devos is IN!

I'm on fire. I've had experiences working in organizations with the Devos family, and I have always found them to be fair, decent, and operating from a position of ethics.

With luck, she will dump the worst of the ObamaRegulations, streamline the administrative crap, and let states take control of their own systems. Just eliminating some of the mandates would allow most schools to dump a LOT of unnecessary administrative/support staff, which would free up money for teachers.


Small Town, Big City

I've been thinking about social/cultural/political changes for the last 1/2 century, why they occurred, and what changes will develop in the future. Fred On Everything has some good ideas on that.

First, let's start with the idea of Make America Great Again.

What does that mean?

For many Liberals/Leftists/Progressives, that means that anyone yearning for it MUST want:

  • Racism
  • Hostility to 'furiners', particularly if they have a different language or culture than the speaker
  • Hostility to gays - coupled with the desire to 'fix' them
  • Reflexive rejection of non-WASP culture/music/thought/politics/whatever
  • Willingness to use force to implement their agenda
For those who support America, and do want to see it supported by others, it means:
  • That their traditional culture be given at least the same respect that non-Western cultures are given
  • That they will retain their right to worship as they please, and that efforts to evangelize or bring their religion out of the Church and into the weekday world not be demonized.
    • If students are taught about other religions respectfully, Christianity should not be singled out for ridicule, criticism, and exclusion from the curriculum.
    • If some believers can express an opinion on a subject, Christians should be given the same opportunity (Muslims may talk about homosexuality or the proper way for women to behave in public, but Christians are demonized for expressing far milder sentiments).
    • Christians may have the same rights to abstain from participation in activities repugnant to them for religious reasons, as other religions do - for example, the Amish are specifically exempt from participating in Obamacare.
  • That America's best interests be the major focus of foreign policy.
  • That Smug Elites (trademark pending) not be permitted to bypass legislation, instead getting their agenda imposed on the rest of us via bureaucratic regulations.
    • Rein in the EPA, Education Dept, Homeland Security, ATF, FDA, ICE, and other departments that have used their assumed authority as a club against Traditional Americans.
    • Stop funding Sanctuary Cities - if their rejection of Federal law is so important to them, let them pay for it, by cutting their Block Grants and other Federal monies. If they don't want to follow the law, they shouldn't benefit from those nasty Fed dollars.
    • Rein in the last-minute clemencies/pardons/deals from a Lame Duck President. Make the actions after an election in which the officeholder has lost tentative, dependent on the new guy signing off on it. Those COWARDS who don't have the guts to make unpopular decisions shouldn't fling poo in our faces on the way out.


Sunday, February 05, 2017

Things I've Learned Lately

The companies that paid big bucks for their Super Bowl commercials got HOSED. The commercials are dumb, not funny, and boring.

You don't need as much food as you think (did I mention that I started Weight Watchers Online this week?).

All those people who are posting pictures they believe will provide The Definitive Put-Down to Their Opponents are trying to posture themselves as the Virtuous One, Unlike Those Horrible People on the Other Side.

Like that's going to change anyone's mind.

This guy is one that could, if you pay attention to him, actually make your actions to promote your cause much more effective.

But, no. You are much more interested in being pissy about Those Unspeakable, Awful Monsters!!!!!


That dramatic enough?


When 'Helping' is HURTING

This drives me nuts. The REAL reason the elites put up with vulgarity, poor language and reading skills, poor math skills, and other things - like slovenliness, early unwed childbirthing, and consumption of undocumented chemicals, is because they think "those people" - the lesser classes - are incapable of change.

In other words, they think the lower classes are just stupid.

I just can't understand why the average American doesn't call the Elite out on that. They put up no fuss when the academic requirements for occupations can't be met without post-high school education, which is both expensive, and, increasingly, not worth it.


Friday, February 03, 2017

REALLY Important - Please Read

This is one of the most important, and persuasive, posts I've read in more than a year.

It makes the strategy clear, and gives you something to talk about with the soft voters. Perhaps they will come to understand WHY they should back off from this tactic, pronto.

The future of our country depends on our swearing off use of this tactic against average citizens. Otherwise, I fear that we will polarize to the level needed to foment a Civil War.


I don't believe that you are deliberately trying to insult, belittle, and harass those who disagree with you. You feel VERY strongly about these issues. You feel an urgency to make your points as quickly and and forcefully as you can.

Therefore, you forward messages from Occupy Democrat, the many activist groups, and those of your friends who've found persuasive and eye-catching ways to make those points.

What is the result?

Those of us who are not Progressive (Old-style Liberals, Conservatives, Reactionaries, Libertarians, and just not that involved voters) feel:

  • Personally attacked as a HORRIBLE person, not just someone who holds a different opinion
  • That those doing the posting believe use to be DESERVING of all the abuse that can be hurled at us - threats to our jobs and businesses, retaliation online, attacks on our family, threats to injure or kill us - yes, some have faced ALL of these, due to online abuse
  • Hitler (no, we aren't - not even figuratively, let alone literally - please learn the difference, mkay?)
We see these postings, and have to wonder - does that person doing the Share really think:
  • That those opposing their political/social agenda want to KILL them?
  • That the ONLY reason anyone could possibly have for opposition is that the person HATES them?
  • That YOUR strong feelings about government's role in changing people's lives mandates that OTHER people be taxed to pay for it?
  • That there is NO difference between a citizen, a legal resident, and someone who is ILLEGALLY residing in the USA?
  • That the ONLY reason to oppose abortion is because the person not-so secretly HATES women?
  • That SOME people have a right to a home they can't afford - at the expense of the rest of us?
Those are just some of the positions that seem to be implied by the messages of the Left.


Thursday, February 02, 2017

WHY Was Trump's Election Such a Surprise?

Why, you would think that this just came up out of nowhere!

Up until he appeared on the scene, everything was hunky-dory, and the Feeble-Minded Masses were just complacent little cud-chewing bovines, happy to be cared for by their Benevolent Overlords (Trademark applied for).

Until the Big, Bad Orange Man stomped onto the stage, with his over-the-top, bombastic noises, the Little People were content. And, then, inexplicably, they weren't.


The always-amazing Sarah Hoyt, at According to Hoyt, explains why that meme is absolute hooey (I always wanted to have a reason to write that word).

For those who are somewhat befuddled by the Trumpocalypse, here it is in a nutshell:
We'uns who are the average guys, the ones who work for a living (or, did until the Obama Economy rolled over us), are tired of being openly disrespected by the Elite who live off of us.
Because we were bullied into silence, under threat of our jobs being taken away from us, we did not openly tell you of our planned vote. Yes, PLANNED. It was not a last-minute, impulsive choice for most of us. We held our mouth shut (as the Elite thought we should), and fought back in the only way we were left with.
We voted out Leftists, Hangers-on, Sneering 'Betters', Supercilious Elites, Authoritarian Bureaucrats, and all of those who made out - BIG TIME - by the rules they forced on the rest of us.
Just one small example: the electric car rebate. It was taken from those driving those bad old, inefficient, gas-guzzling, polluting cars, that were all we could afford to drive, to be given to the Elite, Smug Liberals who could drop an un-Godly amount of money on an ostentatious hunk of Virtue Signaling metal and plastic.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

First, the Facts

BEFORE getting all up in Trump's grill about this incident, I'd like to know a few things:

  • Who made the decision to separate the kid? Was it a low-level mistake? A PLANNED action designed to insight the teary populace to scream "NO!" and pressure Trump to back off?
    • I'm suspicious enough to assume the latter
  • Why did it take 5 hours to reunite the family? Were the people responsible trying to CYA? Was this a decision of a 'career official' who WANTED to make this an issue?
  • Who, exactly, are his parents? Are they linked to terrorist organizations, or otherwise raising suspicions by their own actions?