Earth Day - by George Carlin

STILL a great comedy rant. Carlin NAILS the self-important Leftists/Liberals/Progressives that stress over the things they can't directly control.

And, who find ways to PUNISH those whose activities - just everyday, normal activities - threaten to impact, even a little, their Lordly, Elitist desire to Live Like Kings.

With a special road - a bike path - on which NONE of the peasants will be permitted to travel.

Oh, sure, they won't ACTIVELY discriminate - but, this is NOT a place meant for the average person. The people who use these amenities dress in special (quite expensive) clothes, ride very pricey equipment, and have the ability to clean up before heading into work.

Unlike the proles.


Waco Revisited

Where was I during the Clinton Years?

Asleep? Too busy?

Or, just Deeply Into the Matrix?

I either didn't follow this story closely, or bought into the Clinton Spin. Looking back, I'm amazed that I didn't see what, now, appears obvious.

The Clinton Justice Dept. Committed multiple violations of Constitutional Privilege, caused the deaths of 76 people, then blamed the dead for it.


Stop ALL Special Prosecutors

If the Justice Dept. will not go after people for political reasons, maybe they SHOULDN'T be doing it.

Link to Scooter Libby's Pardon - read WHY it was a bogus prosecution, andonly occurred due to prosecutorial misconduct.

BTW, the person appointing the Special Prosecutor was:


Big Daddy Facebook - and Little Brothers, Google/Alphabet/Youtube

I've been decreasing my use of Facebook's sign-ins. In some cases, it's made it impossible to post comments (think of it - if you won't agree to share all of your data, connections, and commentary from Facebook, you can't participate in the conversation on many sites). It's a powerful argument for switching to reading the independent bloggers.

Bigger is NOT better.

Zuckerberg has been negotiating to get his paws - "get your stinking paws off me" - on our medical data. Despite HPPA restrictions. Without our express consent.

Yeah, count me among the many who identify with the human fighting against the overload apes. We object to being treating like animals.
It's not as though Facebook has been careful to protect our information.
Although, they seem eager to protect one of their own.
Guys, we really have to start preparing for the likelihood that our only recourse will be to disconnect from social media entirely. There are alternative sites (Gab, Goog…

The Crucifixion and Resurrection

Last night, I watched the rebooted Jesus Christ, Superstar!

Here's what one of the critics (Variety) said:
This musical threw together glitter, sequins, leather, writhing hotties, a few big performances pitched to the last row, and camerawork that often felt as though it was hopped up on too many lattes. Actually, the ragged edges of a unifying concept did emerge over the course of the NBC musical’s two-hour-and-20-minute running time: If that philosophy could be summed up in one word, “excess” would just about cover it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. But this live show was a lot. I have to agree. It was too much emphasis on production, glitz, show-stopping performances (not that they were technically that great, for the most part - the voices were often drowned by the music), and a frenzied amping up the pace with gyrating dancers whenever possible.

The singer playing Mary Magdalene was fine - not quite up to the original, but fine. It was the staging that disturbed me. Her hands…

Greatness Forsaken?

I don't enjoy watching most movies or TV shows with kids in them - I mean true children, not teens of at least 16.

In part, that's due to the many child actors that have flamed out - publicly, catastrophically, and, in many cases, irredeemably. Just about every one is filled with anguish for the life they lived - or, rather, the life they DIDN'T live. Again and again, we learn of abuse - physical, emotional, and - too often - sexual.

Even those child professionals that didn't experience those levels of abuse seem to be, in many ways, broken. Just not able to continue in their professional life. Derailed, with chemical abuse and odd behaviors. The ones that were able to function in their adult life are few.

That's one great reason that I resisted putting my daughter into the compacter that is juvenile acting. Even though she begged. Even though my husband, and everyone else, thought that was a great idea.

I just had a strong sense that it would not have ended well f…

An Open Letter to David Hogg

First, I want to caution people. Don't:
Photoshop him into Nazi regalia, or imply that his raised-fist gesture is intended to be evocative of the Nazi salute.Respond with ridicule or shaming - he is, after all, just a kid, and one who likely is still suffering the aftereffects of having been in near-proximity to a horrific atrocity.Engage on his level - yes, his rhetoric is overblown, his speech is both impassioned and - often - over-the-top. Keep in mind - YOU are the adult. It is up to you to model adult behavior. Having said that, I would also say - do NOT apologize to the whiny little brat for any "pain" you might have "caused".
He hurts?
So what?

If you're LIVING, you're gonna experience some pain in life. NO ONE is exempt. And, NO ONE'S experience gives them a pass on behaving decently - which, actively working to TAKE AWAY SOMEBODY'S LIVING is NOT.
Now - what would I like him to hear? Those that disagree with you, David, are NOT "Child…