Tuesday, October 25, 2016

HRC and the Push to Conformity

Just one more thing to think about as you ponder the fast-approaching election.

HRC's entire campaign is designed to capture the conformists.  Yes, she would be the first woman nominated by a major party, but - you are being asked to GO ALONG with the group in voting for her (I'm With HER).  You are NOT being cajoled to act against the group, in defiance of conventional wisdom.  You are being assured that EVERYBODY is voting for her, so why not go along?

Trump, on the other hand, is appealing to the contrary element in America - those who are not ashamed to be different, those whose answer to the question, "Why can't you just do what everyone else does?" is "Why should I?"

This is a demographic that is not often a target of the GOTV efforts - only a few times have there come along candidates that pulled unengaged citizens into registering to vote, and going to the polls.  One of them was George Wallace.

My father first registered to vote when Wallace came on the scene.  No, he didn't vote for him because he was an incipient Nazi, nor did he long for those "Good Old Days" of KKK, lynching, and keeping "them" in their place.

Instead, he was drawn to the populist theme - that ALL should have to follow the same laws (no voting for busing by those who sent their own kids to private schools to avoid Blacks), that order is better than disorder (the Democratic convention rioting had an impact on him), and that the system was rigged against the average man.

Dad was likely able to stand firm against the crowd due to geographic accident - he was born and raised in West Virginia, a state that elevates the contrary thinker.  Not going along may be part of the DNA of hill people.

I'm including a link to a new film about how easy it is to push people into dreadful actions, because the average person wants to go along.  Keep reading to the end - there's a funny - but poignant - episode of Candid Camera, that shows how easy it is to exploit most people's desire to be a part of the crowd.


Friday, October 21, 2016


HeSeFWALT, I'm gonna call it.

Have Some Fun With A Liberal Today.

Walk up to a rabid HRC fan.  Tell that person that you WERE planning to vote for Trump, but he did something so STUPID that you cannot POSSIBLY vote for him.  What did he do?

He informed the world that it takes FOUR minutes for the nuclear missles to be ready to launch, in the event of an attack.  He GAVE away CLASSIFIED INFORMATION, for crying out loud!

Accept their understanding of the horribleness of that.  Allow them to agree that someone so clueless should never be anywhere in the vicinity of the Oval Office.

Really milk it - for 5-10 minutes.

Then, tell them that the Dumba$$ was HRC.

Watch their heads explode.



Yet Another Reason To Not Vote For Hillary

The "Comprehensive Plan to Get Your Money in Their Pockets".

Ooops, I'm sorry, I MEANT to write the "Comprehensive Plan to Fix Social Security".

The reasons for not doing something about it never made sense to me.  Yeah, the voting taxpayers would kick up a fuss at paying more, but that's never stopped any politician from taking their money before.

This, however, does provide a solid reason for letting SS decay.

What if allowing SS to run out of money IS the plan?  What if the idea is to enrich their Elitist Friends on Wall Street and in the banking industry?

Read the details on The ZMan Blog.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

When Democrats Steal the Election...

...Good Republicans should shut up, give in, and let the Cheaters take office.

NO.  That ship has sailed.  After Gore tried to "prove" that he won - even though ALL the recounts STILL had him losing - and took the fight to the Supreme Court, Dems proved that the Gracious Loser idea was only meant for Republicans.

Trump is right - he can't commit to "gracefully" conceding for "the good of the country" - that just lets the Dems know just how much to put their thumb on the scales.

Here's another article about 8 times some people may have engaged in election rigging, or been accused of it (I wonder which party did THAT) - in a variety of contests.


Misleading Stats

One of the aspects of campaign commercials that I hate is "spin".  It's use of "almost-truth" to shore up your candidate.  One stat that is often used is deportations.

This article explains why many of the ads/news articles (too often, the same thing) can generate such different numbers, when discussing the same things.  These very different numbers lead to the opposing conclusions that fuel the accusations of lying.

Neither side is technically lying - but, in many cases, one or BOTH are playing with definitions, using stats misleadingly, or extending a trend beyond what the data can justify (the "hockey stick" example).


Monday, October 17, 2016

PROOF That There is NO Media Bias Against Trump!

Go HERE for the PROOF!


Watergate Redux: What Did the President Know, and When Did He Know It?

Yes, for us old fogies, that headline should ring a memory bell.  Yes, it is, indeed, pertinent to the email scandal.  In a just world, the President and HRC should have to face the music about their actions - a particularly apt ending for a woman who worked on the Watergate Committee, until she was fired/let go (stories are conflicting) for violations of the code of lawyers ethics.

It doesn't appear that she has changed her underlying modus operandi.

But, it is likely she will NOT be prosecuted, even in the unlikely case of a Trump victory.  Americans are big on forgiveness, and - after their political enemies are defeated at the polls - generally drop further action against them.

If she does get elected?  Aside from trashing the Constitution, adding a load of debt to the Federal obligations, giving away tax breaks and other financial gifts to her corporate sponsors, forcing her enemies to lick dirt - all for the dubious privilege of allowing them to remain out of jail, broke and disgraced, and putting an admitted sexual abuser into a position (FLOTUS) that allows him free reign to harass, she will have the power to resist facing the consequences of her actions with her server.

Welcome to the Corporate States of America!


Saturday, October 15, 2016

WHY the Anti-Trump Message Does Not Appear to be Getting Through

It's because those spreading the message are operating under a misapprehension.

They are saying/writing:

  • He is a womanizing, serial abuser of innocent women's dignity
  • He says things that are over the top, and garbles the message, as well
  • He is a braggart, whose net worth is FAR less than he pretends
  • He is ignorant of foreign policy, law, and working with others
  • He has played nice with dictators, politicians, and other rich people
  • He doesn't care about the common man/woman/child
What the Anti-Trump Brigades doesn't get:
  • We don't care
  • We EXPECT those running for office to lie
  • We don't need our politicians to pretend to give a d@mn about us - we KNOW they don't
  • We are HIGHLY suspicious of sexual harassment claims - the Leftists have been The Boy Who Cried Wolf once too often
  • We don't care whether his wealth is true, or exaggerated - we care a LOT more about our own money
  • The so-called "experts" in foreign policy don't impress us - we've seen them screw up, get people killed, and then pretend that they MEANT for that to happen/it didn't happen/it happened, but it was the fault of someone else
That's just a small part of what the thinking is.  In short, it's the Revolt of the Average Man (copyright pending).


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Fix is In

There WILL be NO more revelations of any consequence about HRC's email crimes.  The fix is in.

How do I know?

On September 7, 2016, Assange promised leaks about Hillary, very soon.  HRC's crack staff of leak-fillers got the word to him to back off - and he did signal his understanding of the deal offered to him, on Tuesday, October 4, 2016, when he weaseled on the revelations, promising that there would be "a great many upcoming publications".  At that time, he also alluded to one of the many "mysterious deaths" that occur to people that cross the Clintons.

Just watch - he will be permitted into the States again during her presidency (Please, God, NO!), and given a minimal sentence, or have his case dropped by the AG.  He will NOT serve hard time - he is likely to have his prosecution "bungled" by the HRC-loyal brigade, allowing them to say, "we tried".

He will NOT be coming to the rescue of the Trump campaign.  That help is OVER.

God Save the Republic.


Sunday, October 09, 2016

Things Are Heating Up Again

Life had slowed down a little (Thank God, as I was able to use that time to (1) clean/organize my house - not completely, but significantly, and, (2) catch up on work/grading/business).

As a result, I have not been updating my blog posts, except sporadically.  Which, given how much this election is beginning to resemble a cage match, is probably a good thing.

The next debate is at 9 pm tonight.  Preceding it is the Cleveland Indians/Boston Red Sox game at 4 pm.  I may just skip that latter event.  I've not watched most of the debates this cycle - after about 15-20 minutes, I've had enough.  I can pick up the highlights from the news, fact-check that news with the blogs, and save myself a lot of time.

So, I may just turn in early, and enjoy my Professional Development Day on Monday.


Saturday, October 08, 2016

What EVER Could Be the Reason?

Two travelers were singled out for - get this - weight discrimination, and FORCED to get onto a scale.

Not only that, but they were then put into seats that they did NOT choose, to make sure that the mass of passengers on the plane was evenly distributed - because that would be important in making sure that the plane didn't crash.

Oh, the HORROR!

I did laugh, because it was Hawaiian Airlines.  You know, the place that has 45% of its native population obese.  Not to pick on them, it's a serious health issue, and they should not be shamed for something they apparently have in their genetic makeup.

It's not surprising that some of the traveling public might be a wee bit heavier than the average - or a LOT.

Come on!  Placating the travelers, and pretending that their greater weight won't cause stability issues with the plane is NOT a satisfactory solution.


Saturday, October 01, 2016

More VA Incompetence - or Malice?

This is ridiculous!  At a time when VA hospitals are in crisis, the administration choses to move a person who has led FAILING facilities, rather than someone who has experienced success.

More here.

It's almost as though they WANT vets to die - soon.


Friday, September 30, 2016

Please Contact Your Representative ASAP!

There is a move afoot to bail out insurers that are losing money on ACA (Obamacare) customers.  As the ACA customers are, generally, sicker and more costly, it's hard to imagine a scenario where the insurers WOULD make sufficient money to pay their claims.

Add to that, the fact that the insurers HAVE to take sick people, without penalizing them financially, or limiting their coverage - well, only someone with no understanding of how business works could possibly think that would work.

But, WAIT!  Obama has a plan - it's one that he has used before - the Judgement Fund.  That's a fund that was intended to pay LEGITIMATE claims, so the companies/persons don't have to sue the government to get them to pay what is legally owed them.

Obama's payoff is NOT what was intended.  In fact, it was specifically prohibited by act of Congress (I sent this to my Congressman - feel free to copy and paste, and send it to yours - don't know the name?  Go to www.house.gov, and enter your zip in the upper right hand corner box; you will be taken to links to your congressman/woman's page, where you can use a handy email form to register your thinking):

I was reading about this today, and want you to tell Paul Ryan to initiate a lawsuit to stop Obama from using the Judgement to cover ACA losses to insurers.
As you know, the House voted specifically to prevent him using government funds for an insurance bailout.  This use of the Judgement Fund would illegally undermine the intent of Congress, and should be met with action in the Courts, which is something that Ryan can do.
According to a link on Betsy's Page
"Section 2(f)(2)(C) of the rules package adopted by the House of Representatives on the first day of the 114th Congress last January provided that “the authorities provided by House Resolution 676 of the 113th Congress remain in full force and effect in the 114th Congress.” That resolution, which led to the filing of the House v. Burwell case regarding Obamacare’s cost-sharing subsidies, gave the House speaker authorization to initiate or intervene in one or more civil actions on behalf of the House . . . regarding the failure of the President, the head of any department or agency, or any other officer or employee of the executive branch, to act in a manner consistent with that official’s duties under the Constitution and the laws of the United States with respect to implementation of any provision of [Obamacare]."
Ryan already has the power to stop Obama's endrun around the law - you need to tell him to use it.
I will be circulating the content of this email on my blog, and linking to every social media site and blog that I can.  Many of your colleagues may hear from their constituents as a result. 
PLEASE, contact your rep, and let's stop this payoff to insurers.  They went along with the ACA legislation, let them face the losses.