Saturday, July 22, 2017


Online harassment is often ignored or belittled. It's dismissed as 'harmless fantasy'. The fact of its persistence is often ignored; that persistence, rather than being seen as a disturbing indicator of a twisted psyche, is seen as annoying, rather than threatening.

I've not, generally, been harassed, either in person, or online. But, this woman's experience is beyond creepy. That a supposedly grown man would stoop to such a level should cause concern.

Understand, I'm not in favor of clamping down on EVERY rude, obscene, or vaguely hostile comment. But, when that person crosses the line - threatens real-life attacks, continues that hostility for years, is not a kid - yeah, get the legal system involved, and issue a restraining order. When that order expires, if the person continues the practice, make it permanent.


Friday, July 21, 2017

How Progressives Mis-Understand The Working Class

I started thinking about that misunderstanding while reading this post.

Now, if you only watch ONE online video, make it THIS ONE. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

The David Brooks article about the cultural divide between working class and upper class people really struck a chord with many, particularly those that, like I did, shifted between classes during my life.

Read Rod Dreher's take on the controversy, and take the time to read the comments.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Draining the Swamp

Ya' gotta read this.


The More Things Change..

...the more they stay the same, as the saying goes.

The real problem with many Democrats/Progressives/Liberals/Leftists (I'm giving the full range of thought on the Left), is that so many are quite badly educated.

Am I calling them Dumb?


I am, however, saying that their education is more properly described as learning in a VERY narrow range - i.e., what unbiased people would call 'propaganda'.

They seldom explore thought outside of that small subset of 'what everyone knows'. They get their information about their opponents from those sources who have the most motivation to mis-characterize the philosophy, aims, and words. In short, how do they know what Conservatives believe?

Someone with an ax to grind told them what THEY believed that Conservatives believe.

That makes it hard to have a civil discussion with them. They KNOW, you see, that ANY argument you put up to them is TOTALLY wrong, racist, and designed to hide your deep-seated hatred of mankind, particularly the browner portions of it.

At best, you will be thought a brainwashed fool, in thrall to those more evil people who have twisted your mind with lies.

A puppet of the Evil Ones.

Or, an unthinking Bible-beater. Incapable of getting to a more 'nuanced' interpretation of it.

Just - not that bright.

That there could be a rational, reasoned approach that differs from theirs is something that has, apparently, never occurred to them.

Why is this?

Because so few on the Left actually read Conservative thinkers. Or, for that matter, the source documents of our country.

Here is a link to some writing of Lincoln, explaining why the Pro-Slavery Forces were so wrong in their understanding of the fundamental nature of our Republic. Surprisingly - to me - the Democrats, even then, believed that the Founders supported slavery. They haven't changed that thinking, although, somehow, they have managed to forget that they were its greatest supporters WELL into the latter part of the 20th century.

Below is a cartoon I found on that site.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Shady Ties to a Corrupt Regime

No, it's not 'The Donald'.

It's CNN.
CNN’s Cuba reporter Patrick Oppmann—who constantly rails against Trump’s Cuba policy of restricting tourism to Cuba—has an American wife who owns a shop in Havana that caters primarily to tourists?
But, I'm SURE that won't influence his reporting at ALL.

This hands-off treatment of the kleptocrats in the Cuban government didn't start yesterday.
so no mention by CNN of the following fascinating facts closely related to this theme:
“The case we have against Raul Castro right now (for drug-trafficking) is much stronger than the one we had against Manuel Noriega in 1988.” (U.S. prosecutors in Florida to the Miami Herald, July 1996.)
“Federal prosecutors in Miami were prepared to indict Raul Castro as the head of a major cocaine smuggling conspiracy in 1993, but the Clinton Administration Justice Department overruled them, current and former Justice Department officials tell ABC News…”It was a major investigation involving numerous witnesses that was killed at the highest levels in Washington,” said a former Justice Department official with direct knowledge of the case. 
If you're interested in learning more about Cuba, and why the media can't be bothered to report honestly about it, check out the Babalu Blog.



Senator Ryan is completely off the reservation with his pressuring DHS Secretary to approve more H-2B workers - non-agricultural, blue-collar jobs. The program already allowed 60K visas a year. Now, they've added 15K more to that limit.


We already have enough blue-collar workers that are unemployed. We don't need to import more to put Americans out of work.

Alert to:

Give 'em ALL hell.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Immigration - Not ALWAYS a Good Thing

The fraudsters that the Office of Inspector General - HHS - is looking for have a remarkable similarity. They are MOSTLY foreigners.

Corrected for inaccuracy. Note, however, how many fled to other countries to avoid prosecution.

See here, and read their stories.


Friday, July 14, 2017

The Nation's Problems Have Not Changed Over Time

I was wandering around the Web working VERY hard on important stuff, when I found this speech. I was struck by the thought that it could very well have been given at the last national conventions, without much change.

The hysteria about "Draining the Swamp" is overblown. MOST of the federal government's staff jobs could easily be eliminated, in EVERY department - yes, even Defense. To learn more about staff jobs, and why they are less essential, read here.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Video is Ambiguous

I was directed to a video of someone allegedly being thrown down a flight of stairs. The alleged perp? White. The alleged vic? Black.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not DEFINITELY seeing this guy pushing her down the stairs. It looks like it COULD have been him trying to steady her, and - even trying to stop her fall.

His hand on her arm does not look like it would leave bruises. As I watched it, it did look as though his hand was not in contact when she started falling. It looked more like he was trying to stop her fall at that point.

Watch it here. Post in the comments what you see (not what you THINK is happening, but what you can actually SEE).

She admits she was resisting:
 this guy was extremely emotional... I asked him why he was being so emotional, we are leaving.'
Ms Nkumbi said the man then became 'verbally abusive' and said 'you need to leave now, this is not Africa'. 
The filmmaker said when she tried to leave, her attacker 'couldn't resist' the opportunity to grab her.
‘The way he grabbed me, I knew he was going to throw me down there. I freaked out.
Showing off her bruises under her arms from where he allegedly grabbed her, the filmmaker, who has concussion, added: ‘The last thing I remember was when I realised he was going to throw me down there'
Showing off her bruises under her arms from where he allegedly grabbed her, the filmmaker, who has concussion, added: ‘The last thing I remember was when I realised he was going to throw me down there'
‘As I'm resisting against the wall, he's trying to get me to his position and eventually I lost grip of the wall because it's a wall, there's nothing to hold on to. That's when I flew down, all the way down.’

Note the parts I bolded. There is no video to back up her CLAIMS of racist abuse.

She also puts her spin on his motivation, claiming that she KNEW that he would thrown her down.

Just watched it again. He did, apparently, use his hand to remove her from the wall, but it is NOT a push. Most of the action is hidden by his body - it's POSSIBLE that he did more, but what you can see is not indicative of that (no use of muscle or any sudden motion on his part).

It looks like she slid on her belly, which wouldn't have caused major injury - MAYBE some minor bruising.

He didn't WALK down the stairs, he ran, after a brief pause (possibly shock).

I'm going to call this a scam and a faked incident (she did head down the stairs, but she wasn't pushed), designed to get money and possibly fame out of the alleged hate crime.

The woman was taken to hospital. According to local media she luckily only sustained minor injuries and was later discharged.


The Philosophical Basis of Progressivism

Once again, the ZMan has dissected some facet of modern life that has been puzzling me, and, I'll bet, you, as well (how's that for correct, and complicated, use of commas?). My bolding below:
"One of the themes here is that the American Left is a different thing from the European Left in that it was not born out of the French Revolution. It was born out of the English Civil War and the religious radicalism of the prior century. American Progressives are the spiritual children of the Puritans and Public Protestantism. Their primary motivation is communal salvation. To that end, their focus is on rooting out sin and naming the sinner, rather than the material egalitarianism we associate with the European Left."
Go here for the post.


Monday, July 10, 2017

The ZMan's Theory of Everything

Part I - Lays the groundwork for everything that follows.

Part II
"The great innovation Americans brought to war fighting is the prioritization of training over discipline. Put another way, the prioritization of what gets done over how it gets done. Soldiers and officers are encouraged to be creative in their problem solving and be mission focused."  
That innovation permeates most areas of American life, giving America the reputation of being a country of creative individuals. Which some are, but, for many, it's an artifact of a country whose systems are constructed to maximize individual's improvisational gifts.

Part III
"The American domestic conflicts of the current age are unique in human history in that they are entirely caused by social reformers. In prior ages, reformers sprung up when there was a need for actual reform. Social conditions demanded changes so that the people could attain a higher degree of peace and prosperity. Today, peace and prosperity are the default, so reformers sow discord and mayhem, like firemen who set fires so they have something to do."
Part IV
"In times of plenty, the weeds find life easy. The trouble is weeds flourish at the expense of everything else so the times of plenty are self-limiting. This is especially true in human society. In good times the soft and sneaky can be tolerated so they flourish, corrupting society over time until either some crisis requires reform or that crisis overwhelms the society." 
In some ways, this is the most important part - it describes the power structure that continues, in evolved form, today.

Part V 
"After The Yankee North destroyed the South in the Civil War and assumed the dominant position in America, the first President following Lincoln was a Southerner named Andrew Johnson. He was born in the Tidewater, but raised in Appalachia so you could say he was not really from the Deep South, but he was certainly not a Yankee.
Regardless, the ruling majority hated him and never trusted him so they did everything to scuttle his presidency, even trying to remove him from office. When you hear Progressives talk about the worst presidents, they always include Johnson on the list, either by the transitive property through Nixon (Impeachment) or as a benchmark."
The distrust the Ruling Class has for the South is massive and unending. They promote that distrust by making the Civil War, and its modern extension, the Civil Rights Movement, pretty much the ONLY history kids are taught in school.

Part VI - Don't skip the stuff about rooms, grids, and boxes. It's vitally important to your understanding what follows about decision-making.

Part VII - To a programmer, it's all about the underlying code. It's a metaphor that resonates with many in this society, as many - if not most - have SOME experience with software codes.

"Everything around us, the political institutions, the laws, the customs, etc., all evolved to address the immediate needs of society and the desires of the people in charge of society. There’s not a single punctuation mark in the legal code that is not there for a reason. Every jot and tittle in the regulatory code has a constituency behind it that wanted it in the code to fix a problem for them."


Friday, July 07, 2017

Yet Another 'Expert" on Trump

Oh, yeah. Another 'expert' who, in condescending terms, 'explains' the REAL reason that Trump is popular with the hoi polloi.

Wanna make a guess?

Did you guess that it's because ALL Trump supporters are not that bright, and very easily led by a charismatic ignoramous? Is it because these numbskulls really NEED someone to tell them what to think?

Bingo! You guessed it. That's what that 'expert' concludes.

No research, of course. Just his beliefs.

News Flash, not-so expert pundits - there are many myths about them, and most of the myths are wrong.
In six of the statewide GOP exit polls so far, Trump was the most popular candidate among college-educated voters. 


Line vs. Staff Positions

Foreign service officers based in foreign countries are necessary - which is why these cuts aren't affecting their hiring/posting.

Staff positions are the key area any re-organization targets (Oooh, that's a trigger word!). Modern business practices aim to reduce - to the bone - staff positions.

What, for those who didn't have any business experience/coursework, as staff positions?

Those positions whose function is to support the actual working individuals - in this case, those serving overseas in embassies.

Everybody else has to justify their position based on the demands of the CORE functions. Creating/influencing policy is NOT one of those core functions.


Friday Round-up Weekly News/Posts

This one is just for fun - for the LoTR Fans.

I have to agree with most of this. Folks, you really have to read - or, re-read - 1984. The consequences of putting up with blatant falsehoods is spiritual death. We must re-take our American Right to speak the truth, and to hell with the consequences.

Victor Davis Hanson hits it out of the park again. I don't always agree with him - or, anyone, for that matter - but this piece, about pontificating out of you knowledge zone, is priceless.

I'm distinctly NOT a person of philosophical inclinations. In college, my constant refrain was, "Yeah, but how does that work in the real world?" I have always preferred the practical to the theoretical.

However, with the extra time afforded me by my recent retirement, I've started to learn more about philosophy, particularly that of economists. Go here for a cogent explanation of the early Marxist years, and how they have affected today's world.

This situation, with the Pakistani IT people hired by Congressional Democrats, who apparently spied on them, stole money through fraud, and engaged in MANY suspicious activities, needs to be investigated. NOT by Democrats, but by an impartial body. The fact that the Democrats are saying, "Oh, it's no big deal," is NOT a reason for ignoring it.

The Awan gang even used pressure on their OWN FATHER, on his deathbed, to try to get more money. This screams to be investigated fully, particularly who in the Democratic Party helped them to get away with the fraud.

Fraud and corruption are endemic in the 3rd World. All too often, the willingness to go along with shady activities comes to America, along with the immigrant. Think of the Mafia. It traveled to America, along with the Italian/Sicilian community. The community had existed with that connection for many generations, and continued to shelter the Mob, even after becoming part of America. It took generations before Italians were free of that taint.

Many of the countries that are exporting their people are doing so because that country is loaded with corruption, and less-connected citizens have no way to succeed. However, when they come to this country, the reliance on using connections to get ahead lingers. This makes for a large problem with their new country's ethical differences.


Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Post-Independence Day Reflections

Many of the Boomer Generation consider the protestors of the 1960's and 1970's to have been operating from the loftiest principles - Freedom, Justice, and Love.

I'd suggest you read this synopsis of the times. I remember some of this (amazingly, a lot of this, I had forgotten - blame the need to make a living). I did check out a few of the less familiar incidents/persons - the general consensus is that the FACTS are correct. Some may disagree with the point of view.

It was Culture War I.

Full Disclosure: I'd either forgotten, or never knew, about the activities of the FALN - the Puerto Rican terrorists, that were funded by the Episcopal Church.

Yes, the Episcopal Church.

Kind of puts that release of the Puerto Rican terrorist freed by Barack Obama, into context, doesn't it?

The whole thing is long, but important. Make sure you get to the end, where he writes about likely tactics and strategies in the future.
If you notice who Lefties really tend to go after, it’s two kinds of people:
  1. Righties who might be growing in popularity and/or influence, to make them radioactive and make others afraid to associate with them
  2. regular people, who have employment and social fragility, to make them scared to admit WrongThink.
We're already in the middle of Culture War II. Near the end of the linked post is a vision of this nasty future. It might make a good discussion with your circle on Facebook, Google+, or Gab -  if you haven't joined, you really need to. Gab is non-censored discussion for ADULTS.

Read it - don't get caught by surprise by unfolding events.