Finally! Someone in the Conservative Universe Gets the Message on Marijuana

Mary Grabar has a post on Pajamas Media, in which she takes on the libertarians who want to legalize marijuana. She, like me, is a teacher; our take on the legalization is naturally filtered by our experiences with students who use/abuse the drug. Were the drug legal, we both agree that they would increase their use (because, after all, "it's legal" - which they think of as "it's a good thing").

The question I have is:
If you make use of marijuana legal, how do we then keep stoned students/possessing students out of schools? Is there anyone so stupid as to think that this won't become a HUGE problem for schools?
My students, on occasion, act dumb enough without impairment [NOTE: ALL teens, even my own precious children, act dumb at times - it's part of that inexperience thing].



Your question appears to assume that a school must permit inside the school anything and everything that's legal outside the school. This is not the case, as we can see from schools' exclusion of weapons even in districts with no or liberal weapons laws.

Besides which, inasmuch as each and every year, when polled about their greatest problems, American prison wardens give the top spot to the saturation of their prisons by illegal drugs, I'd be very surprised if criminalization has done anything to keep marijuana out of the schools.
Anonymous said…
What do you do with kids who come to school drunk, or with liquor on their breath, or with alcohol?

Boy, you are such dis-empowered individuals for being teachers. I mean, really.
Anonymous said…
As pointed out above, alcohol is legal for adults. If weed was legal for those over 21, you'd deal with it in the same way you deal with teens who drink.

It ain't rocket science.

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