It's Hard Not to Laugh; But It Hurts too Much to Cry

Yes, I know that the quote is NOT what Stevenson said, but I stand by it.  I laugh because if I don't, I will cry - and it would be hard to stop.

I've been on the web this morning (in between cleaning out my closet/drawers - I've been doing a section, then taking a break, repeat.....).

I think there is a Law of the Internet.  That Law would state that when people start to make sense of events, agree upon some common ground, and reduce the acrimony, the CRAZY has to start up again, and Stop that $hit.

That would be the only way to understand this New! Improved! Obama Plan to Stop Terrorism!

The program is called CVE - Countering Violent Extremism - and it is designed NOT to find out that the core problem is Violent People Who Hate American Values, or Violent People with Foreign Ties Who Want to Destroy America, or Violent People Who Are CRAZY!

Let's, instead, focus on the MANY Congregational and Church of God in Christ members who are using those churches to plot the take-down of America.


It's RACIST to point out to the non-Americans residing among us, that, if they don't like America, they could - and probably should - LEAVE!

It's RACIST to point out that there are mosques in the US that stockpile weapons, distribute Hate America material, and collect funds for terrorists and their allies.

[NOTE: Yes, this is not all mosques.  Although the number of those mosques is less than 50% of the total - that's still too many to allow to operate in violation of our common good.]

It doesn't require storming into mosques and homes of potential jihadists.  How about enforcing our current laws - RICO, fraud cases (MANY of the anti-American types support themselves by "living off The Man"), VISA violations.

Encourage self-deportation without penalty of jail time for the small fry, IF they spill their guts about the Big Fish.

I've been reading about Brexit - the British referendum on whether to stay in the EU.  Sadly, one nutcase took it upon himself to kill on of the open promoters of the EU.

The new London Mayor - a Muslim - appeared at a Pro-EU rally attended primarily by Muslims.  The interesting thing about it was that the Muslim women in the rally were all in the back.  That's right, no women up front.

Maybe we should send those women books about Rosa Parks?

WHY is labeling the enemy correctly important?

Read this.



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