Cue Etta James

I was born in Cleveland. I moved to Lakewood at age 4 months, and lived there until my marriage at age not-quite 23. As my husband was the original Rolling Stone (not the band, the willingness to pick up stakes on a moment's notice), I tagged along for about 10 years in various cities in PA and OH. We finally bought a 4 bedroom house smack in the middle of Cleveland about 20 years ago (which we are trying to sell right now - anyone want a bargain large house, convenient to mass transit and major highways?). Eleven years ago, I moved to SC for work, and have settled in. Nonetheless, I remain a fan of Cleveland teams, as does the rest of the family. Last night, we watched LeBron James - the King - manage something I was beginning to think would never again happen - he took the Cavaliers to NBA champs.
Now, excuse me, I'm going to have a conversation with God about the Cleveland Indians. It appears that this is the year to ask BIG.


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