Revolt of the Common Man

Why don't I call this Revolt of the Common PERSON?  Because it's largely spearheaded by MEN.

Women get a lot of bennies from the state:

  • Financial support
  • Emotional stroking
  • Preference on the dubious grounds that they are discriminated against
Those benefits make single and divorced women less likely to complain about the over-reaching arm of the state.  The women that do complain are largely married, as they experience - indirectly - the tyranny of the state.

It's happening in Not-So-Great Britain right now.  Brits may withdraw their alliance with the EU, and go it alone.  That action may serve as a catalyst for the dissolution of the EU, led by those nations that are stronger economically and culturally.

The large nation-state, as it existed for much of the 20th century, may be dying.  Why did it fail?
  • Insistence on adherence to Leftist social dictates
    • Gender-bending
    • Drug use of the RIGHT kind - pot, Viagra, birth control, Adderall
    • No drug use of the WRONG kind - tobacco, caffeine, sugar, salt
    • ALL education will force the right "attitudes" on its victims
    • Parents will be swept aside by their betters, and forced to pay for their "guidance"
    • Religions will be strictly regulated, and kept within a corral - no unauthorized use of religion outside of that structure
    • Re-classification of opposition as "hate crimes"
    • Race-based preferences, punishments for not adhering to them
    • Spying on citizens to root out "wrong-thinking"
In short, the nation-state governance, in Europe, as well as America, over-stepped its boundaries.  Not just once, but repeatedly, and for a long time.

The overlords forgot their history - that the average man/woman just wants to live their live free of the boot of the state on their neck.  They will accept inconvenience, taxation, and restrictions - up to a point.  When their sense of "Too Much" is reached, no concession by the state will appease them.

We have reached the Revolutionary Moment.



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