Convention Speech Wordles

I used Wordle to create these graphics.  What they represent is the frequency of use of all words in a body of text.

They form a graphic of what, by repetition, a person thinks is most important.

Below is Obama's Speech (the drab color is NOT a political statement - I just didn't think to change it):

Click on the image to view it in larger form and with more detail.

Here is Romney's Speech:

The contrast is obvious - Obama's speech doesn't seem to have a central focus - although several words are larger, the number of words displayed shows that Obama's message is muddled and not clear.

Romney, in constrast, shows a clear focus - the three largest words are America, American, and Americans.  He is clearly focusing on OUR country.  The word "world" is shown near the center, so he plans to engage with them, but, clearly, his major area of concentration is the USA.

Isn't it nice to have a president who sees his major job is the desires and needs of America's citizens?


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