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So, Now Illegal Aliens Have MORE Rights in the USA Than I Do

Let me understand this:
If I'm stopped by a cop, and I have no right to be in this country, the officer can't make me show ID?  But, as a tax-paying citizen, refusal to show ID will terminate with me in jail, and probably heavy fines, as well? UPDATE:  3:47 pm, 7/29/2010

Un-freakin'-believable!Read on - to the end.


This Is An Actual German Commercial - And REALLY Funny!

But, People Who Break Laws That Actually Harm Someone Are OK, Right?

Apparently, Obama's administration has one group he's in favor of siccing the law on.

Unregistered food groups.

Those are people who purchase memberships in a food distribution network, that have access to unpasteurized milk, fresh cheese, etc., but whose provider haven't jumped through the hoops to get licensed to sell to the public.

Let's see, growing marijuana for "medical use" (wink, wink!) is fine.

Selling fresh cow or goat milk - "Step away from that cow!  We have artillery trained on you!"


Why Popular Vote is a BAD Idea

I've written about this before.  But, I think it's crucial for you to learn about the movement, and why it's such a bad idea.
The push to eliminate the Electoral College reached a fever pitch after the 2000 election, when the loser (Gore) actually had allegedly more votes, nationwide, than the winner.  I say "allegedly" because there were MANY states that had serious allegation of voter fraud, much of it organized by groups like ACORN.
While there may be a case for changing the Electoral College, this isn't it.
What this would do is turn over the right to elect presidents to the more populous states.  What it would do is TAKE AWAY citizens' vote, if their state disagreed with those in more heavily populated states.
Here's how it would work: You vote, as usual.Your state selects a candidate by large margins - that is, those who live there make a definite decision to select Candidate A.However, more people live in the states that liked Candidate B, and voted…

This Picture Sums It Up

What is wrong with people?

A baby is a blessing.  Even a handicapped baby is a blessing.

I didn't always feel this way.  When I was younger, I supported the right of a woman to make her own choice about having an abortion.  Especially in cases of Down Syndrome; that seemed, to me, to be the ultimate hard-case situation that made abortion the logical choice.

I married on January 12, 1974.  That same month, the Supreme Court legalized abortion.  The next year, a friend of mine had an ectopic pregnancy, and had it terminated for medical reasons.  I talked to her, and found that she was relieved that the process was so quick and easy.

That was one of my few personal connections to abortion.  Most of my friends were Catholic, and, although their fidelity to the rules was variable, abortion was the Big No-No.

Since then, it's been considered "normal" to check for chromosome status, and abort Down Syndrome babies.  When a woman finds out that she is carrying a baby with Trisomy …

Late for Father's Day, But Worth It

SOME of the Ground Zero Mosque Funding Revealed

It's the Dutch government.  For the source of that story, see here.

That's only about 1% - where is the rest of it coming from?  I think the American public has a right to know.


FCC Being Pressured to Limit Free Speech

NewsRealBlog has a post about the move to censor talk radio.  Of course, the whole plan is ONLY to protect "the children" (although no actual children have ever been harmed by talk radio).

From the report:
On April 7, 2009, the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) released an extremism assessment, reporting that extremists “have adopted the immigration issue as a call to action, rallying point, and recruiting tool,” and that “anti-immigration or strident pro-enforcement fervor has been directed against specific groups” and “has the potential to incite individuals or small groups toward violence.”OMG, the dreaded stident pro-enforcement fervor!  How dare these fascists stridently and fervently ENFORCE THE LAW!

But WAIT!  It gets better!  The SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) gets involved - well, sort of - and - in the words of that UNBIASED REPORT:
As SPLC alludes, the media is playing a role in spreading the type of messages that leads many to extremist organi…

Responding to Real Simple (Who Apparently Think Their Readers Are, Too)

I read this post from Kristina Rasmussen at Big Government.  There is an article in Real Simple about Obamacare:
All good, no bad, and the only two sources quoted in the article represent non-profits who supported the legislation.What I wrote to the editor:
I am not a subscriber of Real Simple, although I was considering doing so.  I have bought individual issues at the newstand many times in the past. No more.The one-sided story about Obamacare has lit my fire.  Why didn't you just title the article:"Since you're so dumb that you don't appreciate what your 'betters' are doing for - make that to - you, we'll explain it in little, bitty one-syllable words."  THANKS for not including opposing viewpoints - it might confuse the "little people" - y'all know that we're just not that bright, that we could possibly think Obamacare is a bloated, bureaucratic nightmare of a bill.  How dare we not respect the elites who know better!I have read th…

Bits of This and That

First, there's this post about military voters, and the strenuous effort to DIS-enfranchise them.  If you want to work together to stop this, check out the Facebook page, and offer your assistance in helping them to secure their vote - this SHOULDN'T be an issue - there has been legislation passed to eliminate barriers to military voting.

It takes a VERY determined party (I won't mention which one) to stop military voting.  Frankly, they should be ashamed of themselves - if they can't win honestly, they should accept their loss.

How do you feel about family members paying back a loan?  How does that relate to extension of unemployment benefits?
I want to get back to Mr. Chukalas, a father of two and a diligent, decent man for all I know. Again, he says, “If your brother or your sister needed something, you wouldn’t say, ‘When are you going to pay me back?’”
I don’t know about the Chukalas clan, but in my family and my wife’s family, and in most families I know, asking, …

I'm Fried

I've been studying, preparing for a major test (Praxis).  It's not really my area of knowledge, but I need it to expand my license.  My eyes are tired, my brain is virtually non-functional, and I'm ready for some relaxation.

The blog posts can wait until after Saturday.


Israeli Boycott Advice For the Discerning

The following advice on Boycotting Israel comes from Sondra K, at Knowledge is Power.

Fair warning - everytime I hear one of these self-righteous antisemites pontificating about Israel being the WORST COUNTRY ON THE PLANET, it takes all the self-control I have not to Slap the Stupid out of them.

Please, share this as widely as you can - on Facebook, in emails, on your Internet-capable phone.


Work As Beneath You

It's a very European notion - that work is beneath a civilized person.  It led to toleration of slavery societies (because, of course, the elite shouldn't have to work - good heavens, it's what God made the "little people" for).  It led to colonial societies led by Europeans, overseeing the labor of the "coolies".  It led to a very leisured society, full of non-functional dress, lengthy meals, and an exaggerated, complicated etiquette.  All designed to demonstrate the difference between those who had to work, and those who did not.  Who WOULD not, lest they lose their social status.

In America, it was always different.  Pretty much EVERYBODY worked.  Only the very wealthy did not physically labor.  Most of those did some work, even if only intellectual or non-manual (lawyers, businessmen, legislators).

Contrary to European tradition, many American youngsters worked in non-school time, without shame (dislike of it, sure, but not shame to be doing "m…

How is Torture Worse Than Execution?

Victor David Hanson is interviewed at Right Wing News about war and morality, as viewed from the West.  One point he made that resonated with me:

There has to be a Geneva code or whatnot. But when you start to be legalistic about war, you're going to create so many contradictions and hypocrisies and paradoxes because you're really taking the elemental violence and trying to adjudicate it as if it was dominoes.

So, for example, this country worked itself up over the waterboarding of three suspects that were being detained in Guantanamo. We knew in each case that they were responsible in some part for the 9-11 mass murders. We know they were waterboarded, but suddenly that translated in the campaign season to, "The United States embraces wide scale torture." At the same time in the last 18 months, we've probably killed around 700 in targeted assassinations. Perhaps over 100 civilians and one or two American citizens were killed and we were judge, jury and executione…

This Makes Sense

I love IMAO (In My Arrogant Opinion).  Today, he offers a post that explains WHY leftists and liberals always back their guy, no matter what (crimes, evidence of brain damage, sluttiness, cluelessness, etc.).

His reasoning makes sense.


Who Is Behind the NYC Mosque?

Jihad Watch has the story - it won't surprise most of you.


Why Shouldn't Obamacare Cover Free Birth Control?

Some have opposed the inclusion of abortion in the bill.  Few know that Obamacare MANDATES coverage of birth control.

So, what's the big deal?

That's a question that's answered, in great detail, by a National Review interview, with additional information about the hazards of teen sex.   Just a few eye-opening facts:
How much protection do condoms provide? The answer is more complicated than you think. While there is no doubt that proper use of condoms prevents some infections to some degree, and terms such as “highly effective” and “significant” are commonly used, condom effectiveness in preventing infection varies a good deal, depending on the bug. A recent study declared that condoms provided “moderate protection” against contracting herpes. What would you consider “moderate” protection against an incurable infection that can cause significant physical and emotional suffering? 80 percent? 60 percent? Think lower: It’s a 30 percent reduction with 100 percent condom use. Sex …

Something to Read If You Want to Understand Today's Politics

Some of it, I already knew.  I went to what I called a Very Liberal College (today, I would call it a Progressive-Leftist College), and the works of Coward-Piven were standard fare.  However, Horowitz makes the connections between the agitation of the 60's and the current political climate, including how George Soros is profiting from it all.

I decided to download the Kindle for Mac app, and read the book via the computer.  It's free (as is the Kindle for PC and other platforms), and easy to set up.  I've decided to eliminate clutter in my life, and hard copies of books are an easy solution to the problem.   They are also generally cheaper than the paper versions.

I'm also going to download the Blackberry Kindle - if you have a phone that can use Kindle, you can read the same books on both the phone and your computer.


I'm Not Sure I like This

The campaign is called "Bring M All Home" - isn't that the slogan of the antiwar groups?  I'm thinking M & M corporation might want to re-think that ad.  Let them know what you think about it.

Why Cleaning Up Voter Registration is VITAL!

There's a fascinating, if lengthy article about voter registration, and its impact on elections, at Intellectual Conservative. election can be decided by a few votes. In 2004, the presidential race between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W. Bush was decided by a few hundred votes in Florida.

"While the news media perpetuated the assertion that Bush and the GOP 'stole' the election, it could very well have been illegal aliens voting in Florida that made the outcome so close," said former NYPD cop, now security firm owner, Sid Francis."Bush may have beaten Gore by more votes if illegals were excluded, since immigrants tend to vote for Democrats. Or Gore could have won decisively had there been prior screening before people were allowed into the voting booths," said Det. Francis."There was absolutely no mention in the mainstream media regarding suspected voter fraud by illegal or legal aliens. It was much easier for the agenda-driven newspe…

It's Been a Long Haul, ...

But, after yammering about illegal immigration for several years, it seems that we are FINALLY seeing the fruits of our labors.
Rasmussen has data on what voters think about the federal government's suit against Arizona, which seeks to invalidate that state's new immigration enforcement law. By a 2 to 1 ratio (56 percent to 28 percent), those surveyed oppose that suit. Moreover, 61 percent would like to see a law such as Arizona's enacted in their state. That's up 6 points from two months ago.I've been blogging about the subject for several years, working in concert (at times) with other organizations (Blogs for Borders, etc.).  Sometimes, I felt that I was one of a lonely few who saw the hazards of letting people walk across the border, and avail themselves of the PRIVILEGES of citizenship, with taking on the RESPONSIBILITIES.

To quote from that Chris Rock movie, "That ain't right."

What does it take to change people's minds?  Aside from the willi…

Finally! A Good Use for All Those 3rd World Condoms

For all that Liberals and Leftists talk about loving non-white people, they sure try hard to keep there from being any more of them in the 3rd World.  Many Africans and other recipients of Condom Aid complain that they can't get the more urgently needed medical supplies, while the shelves of clinics are well-stocked with condoms.


The London School of Economics

I've long heard of that school, mostly when someone's educational credentials came up.  I don't know about you, but when I read that word "economics", my regard for their intellect immediately goes up.  Trained economists have to have a strong mathematics background - it's not a degree for the sort who wants to party in college.

I've only taken 1 economics course, Intro to Economics.  I took it as part of my Associates degree; at that time, I wanted to major in Business.

It was the most mind-numbingly boring class I ever took.  I don't know quite how you can make a course that focuses on money boring, but it surely was.  Thank God the instructor didn't teach sex ed - I'd have chosen celibacy.

But, to meander still more, the London School of Economics (LSE) isn't THAT kind of Econ school.  Instead, it offers degrees in all the social sciences - meaning that you can be a math moron, and graduate.

LSE is dedicated solely to the study and resea…

If You Can Donate, Do

It's David against Goliath time in Chicago.  A woman is running for office, and the Chicago gangsters politicians are trying to knock her off the ballot.

Meet Cedra Crenshaw.

A few short weeks ago, I was a former accountant, auditor, and stay at home mom.  The trifecta of mortgage, marriage, and motherhood catapulted me into the conservative I am today.  A few Republican reformers noticed my local activism.  They asked me to fill an empty ballot spot against a Democratic incumbent State Senator who is a rubber stamp for the same Chicago Machine that put Obama in the White House. Despite the fact that the district is 2-1 Democratic, my opponent’s party has hired one of the premier elections attorneys to attempt to knock me off the ballot on technicalities.  These same technicalities have been rejected in court wherever they have been tried.  This attorney has worked for the likes of Obama, Bill Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, etc. The Democratic board deciding the case has simply stalled.  …

This is NOT Surprising - But, It IS Disheartening

I've been wondering just why Obama is working so hard to keep the Gulf Oil Spill from being cleaned up. Just getting to ban further off-shore drilling, and push Cap & Trade didn't seem like they were important enough goals.  After all, his ratings in polls have been diving for the bottom, and I couldn't believe that it didn't concern him (the ratings, silly, not the environmental or commercial damage).

This site may have the answer.  If true, it's grounds for impeachment.

Here's the fuller story - it's very long, but quite detailed.

I'm hoping this is just paranoia.  I'm actually hoping that there are not people so devoid of conscience, so lacking in morality and decency, as to deliberately despoil a region, bankrupt many residents, and destroy an economy, just for profit.


Comparison of Frank Nitti and Santa Clause

Thomas Sowell compares Frank Nitti (Al Capone's enforcer) to Santa Claus.  How does he do that, you might ask?  He does so in the context of discussing the difference between Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

Guess which one the Democrats are - with YOUR money.


American Rising Video

Not sure how long this video will remain on YouTube - see it NOW.


Celebrating the 4th of July

I read this post about the meaning of the 4th (like most Americans, when I use that date, I assume that EVERYONE will know which of the 12 monthly 4ths I am referring to).  John Adams thought that this would always be a date of wild celebration of their hard-won victory:
“The Second Day of July 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America.  I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival.  It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty.  It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.  You will think me transported with Enthusiasm but I am not.  I am well aware of the Toil and Blood and Treasure that it will cost Us to maintain this Declaration and support and defend these States.  Yet through all the Gloom I…