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After the Shutdown

I've been too busy with RL to do more than observe the posturing of various politicians over the last few weeks. I have, however, a few remarks to make about this time:

Both sides bear some blame.

Various factions of the Republican Party are jockeying for position, leadership, and media attention. As a result, some important points about the future of this country are getting lost. Lets make this less about the individuals, and more about the nation, OK?

My major comment about the Democrat party is that they seem to exhibit remarkable cohesion on their party discipline, and, as a result, their message does reach the voter clearly.

Too bad that their message is: We won, so all y'all taxpayers have to cough up as much cash in taxes as we want - forever. If we run out of money to pay off our campaign donors, just suck it up and give us more. NO reduction of spending - no matter how wasteful or ridiculous - can EVER be considered. If you protest, we're gonna talk about s…


Hard as it is for the dedicated, loyal Obamanuts to imagine, The Great and Powerful O is well on the way to crashing and burning - in a mess of his own making. Some of the most recent ways he is screwing up:

Obamacare Website Fiasco. Few can get through the initial creation of a sign-on and password. Even fewer can navigate the system to sign on, and select a plan. Those persistent few who WERE successful have NO IDEA how much it will cost them. In the process, they have had to give their financial and medical information to a government that routinely violates privacy protections, agree to let a credit agency release their credit information (and pay more if they have a low credit rating), and passively accept whatever terms the Feds want to give them.
Bad planning, bad coding (by an outsourced CANADIAN company - hey, I thought only the EVIL Republicans/Capitalists did that!), and bad decision-making.The shift from Friendly Park Service Employees to Terrifying, Brown-Shirted (lite…