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Nearing Halloween - Strike That - It IS Halloween

It's the dread of teachers everywhere, right up there with pre-Christmas inability to concentrate.  And, it's not just limited to elementary-age kids.  High school students spend hours talking about their costumes, and carrying around treats for their friends.

Although Michelle Obama's Grim Substitutes, the vegetable tray and other low-calorie treasures, may stop that.  We've been told - officially - NOT to bring in treats.  For ANY reason.

I never thought sugar and fat would become the New Crack.

I've never been that into Halloween, post-elementary age.  Until well into the 1980s, it was a relatively minor holiday.

No more.  Adults and teens have taken over the grim festivities, with gruesome body parts, truly repulsive costumes, and weeks - even months - of planning for the parties.  It's chance for women to unleash their Inner Slut, men to experiment with Cross-Dressing, and for all to use conspicuous consumption as a signal of their Elitist Status.


Don't …

Sittin' Here, Resting My Bones...

However, unlike Otis Redding, I am NOT lonely.

Just enjoying the sun - it's perfect.  Mostly dimmed by cloud cover, occasionally breaking through for a dazzling over-the-top light (I left my seat, briefly, to get a hat with a brim).  My newly-finished Adirondack chair is comfortable, the air is warmish, without inducing sweat.


So few moments in life are that.  We need to stop sometimes to enjoy God's creation.  Just sit in the sun.

 Link to "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" lyrics.

Link to the song.

And, don't forget to sit and do NOTHING occasionally.