Thoughts About the RNC

A little quieter today.  Rick Santorum is talking to the commentators, and is quite charming - much looser and more at ease than he was during the campaign.

Patti Bondi (Attorney General from FL) looks SO much like the actress from Reba that played the 2nd wife (Melissa Peterman).  Fortunately, she isn't as ditzy.

John Thune (R-SD) is talking - doing a good job, very smooth.  He is QUITE tall - former basketball player.

He's good at pacing his speech - Mitt could take a lesson from him.

The crowd must be top-heavy with small businessmen - they cheer most loudly when the phrase "I DID build this" is spoken.

I'm watching PBS coverage - Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill.

The commentators are talking about how Republicans are not all on board with Mitt - they seem excited about the prospect of a divided party.  Gwen especially has an ear-to-ear grin on her face.

The talk at the table is about the young people - as a result of the massive numbers that voted in the last election, there are still many who are involved - mostly Liberal, unfortunately.

Both Condi Rice and Paul Ryan were well received - Condi is less polished and a little nervous, I think, but does well.

Paul Ryan was a BIG hit!  He was slightly wonkish, but very telegenic, and with an altar boy earnestness.

Just going to close, but I did want to post a link.

MANY conservatives have mentioned being afraid to "come out of the conservative closet" at work.  This is a MAJOR problem for those of us working in Liberal Strongholds, such as Education.

I post under a concealing name, due to my concern about rabid Liberals, some of whom would delight in seeing a conservative fired or not hired.  Why do I think this?  They've told me about their wishes (not dreaming that I wouldn't agree with either their politics or their vindictiveness).


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