Thought About the RNC

It was a little slow.  Even the delegates seemed a little sleepy at times.

Ann Romney - for someone who is not a professional speaker, she did just fine - the crowd liked her, and she didn't make a mistake.  She didn't drag out of lot of personal anecdotes, but the Romneys are NOT public emoters.

Chris Christie - for him, low-key, but passionate.  More about him than Romney, but using his story to make some needed points about values, policies, and how to treat people - take note on that last, Dems, before you try to use your standard slash & burn campaign strategies.

Marco Rubio - Boy, is he young!  He spoke well and hit all the Republican high notes.  I didn't know that he was a Tea Party favorite, who trounced Gov. Christ in the primaries.  Likely to have a bright future.  Expect Dems and Liberals to throw money, booze, and women in his path, hoping that he'll bite.

Condi Rice - Nice speech.  I didn't notice the lipstick, but then, I was focused on the substance of the speech, unlike the Dems.

Paul Ryan - Dynamic, passionate, and cool.  For that reason, the Liberals ha

ve spent most of their energy "refuting" his facts in his speech.

From MSNBC (before the breakup):
Fact checkers have had a field day breaking down at least five inaccuracies or misleading elements in Ryan's speech.

Ryan said a GM plant in Wisconsin that President Obama promised to keep open, eventually closed.

But, according to these reporters, that's a LIE.
The Truth: The GM plant closure was announced in June of 2008, when George W. Bush was president. Barack Obama took office in January 2009.

According to  CNS News:
But Ryan is in fact correct. The Janesville GM factory stopped production of SUVs in December 2008 and closed its doors for good in 2009 – less than one year after Obama promised to keep it open for another hundred years.

In his speech in Janesville, then-Sen. Obama said that if elected, he would support retooling the Janesville plant to make energy efficient vehicles. Despite his administration’s carefully shepherding of GM through bankruptcy, the Janesville plant has not been retooled to make anything.

Even though he said he supported retooling, and his government officials oversaw the GM bankruptcy, the Janesville plant was ignored.

Furthermore, although they lay the blame for the plant closing on G. W. Bush - who was President then, the FACT is that Bush didn't make any promises, direct or implied, during the campaign.

Obama did.

So, I'd call this arguable, at worst - which a prudent and responsible press and Democrats - but, I repeat myself - would relegate this to the category of issues that the sides disagrees about - NOT A LIE.

I'll post later on the other disagreements.


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