Hit Letterman Where It Hurts!

Follow this link for instructions on how to contact David Letterman's sponsors.

Why is this so important? After all, it was just a thoughtless joke.

No, it wasn't. Here's the chronology:

First, he made the original "jokes".

Then, he continued the Palin daughters' trashing the next day, by suggesting that Bristol Palin is a prostitute.

Here's his "apology" - I put the word in quotes, because he never apologized, just excused himself for targeting the "wrong" Palin daughter.

In these hard economic times for all media outlets, the last thing they can afford is an advertiser boycott. I strongly suggest anyone reading this start writing to the sponsors - information about how to contact them, and who to send letters/phone calls to, is at the top of this post.

When even the notoriously leftist and anti-Republican N.O.W. is offended, you know you've stepped over the line.

Further contact information is at Conservatives4Palin.

BTW, no, I am not a supporter of Palin for President. I think she has some work to do before she might be a choice - she is too new to the national stage. OTOH, she apparently has been an effective (and honest) governor, which might make her a reasonable candidate in the future - NOT 2012. My only concern now is to keep these vicious, partisan attacks on politicians' families from spreading.


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