Was it a Tax CUT, or a Tax Credit?

The money that is showing up in most people's paycheck - isn't that SPECIAL! President Obama loves the little people so much, he just yearns to give us FREE MONEY!

Or is it?

Face it, if you believe that this money is FREE, you've been duped. It represents less withholding, which, for the math-impaired, means that you're gonna owe Uncle Sam MORE money next April 15th.

Don't believe me? Think it's sneaky Right-Wing propaganda?

Check out this. Go to the AP link, and see for yourself.


Clay Callaway said…
it's crazy that people think " OBAMA " is going to "give " them something..... but.. that's what got jim in htere!!!.. great post!
Clay Callaway said…
him in there... sorry bad typer!!!lol

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