Working on an Old PC

I just got my old PC back, after an extended time in the repair shop (OK, the problem was 2-fold - lack of money to fix it, and the fact that it was in Cleveland, and I'm in SC).  My dear SIL, who is a hardware genius - are you reading this? - did it on his own limited time, for a favor.  It truly was a Thankful Holiday, as I now have access to 2 laptops, 1 Mac, and 1 PC.  It comes in handy for those times when you need to access certain types of software (such as in the classroom.  I use some science software that is only available in PC).

It's different.  I find I'm trying to use some shortcuts that aren't on a PC.  Much of the software needed updating.  In browsers, some bookmarks aren't there.  It's kind of disorienting.

One task I'm planning on next week is moving the pictures, documents, pdfs, and movies to an external hard drive.  I've been meaning to do that for a while, but now I have greater motivation.
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