Steps for the Future

We're out, they're in. What can we do?

  • Get a backbone. Coordinate the efforts of Senate & House Republicans, and work together. Stand up against truly awful Court candidates - threaten filibuster, and force replacement of underqualified candidates with more moderate ones.

  • Get a strong National Chairman, and re-build the local party. Bring in new blood, and make sure they are comfortable with the new media. Start training programs for the rank & file.

  • Provide resources to fight fraud in election boards. Get the lawyers out for challenges - NOW! Before the fraud becomes entrenched, and it's harder to eliminate.

  • Build your defense. Learn procedural tactics, and how to delay, re-vamp, bury, and stall truly horrible legislation. Make a fuss at every point. Force a delay, so as to make them give up another objective.


Shannon said…
Or how about we can work together accross party lines, listening to all sides of an issue, and come up with truly creative and insightful solutions to the problems plaging our society. Obviously clinging to partisan ideology doesn' work anymore. Nothing would be solved.

Both sides of the aile have pieces of the truth we need to hear. Lets not get stuck on one way addressing issues.

When this country does this, the results are truly amazing. Look at National service initiatives. Both sides of the aisle support national service in exchange for college works!

Lets think out of the box on issues like abortion, education, healthcare and social welfare. Neither side has come up with creative solutions to these issues.

Got any creative ideas? Lets start talking and throwing them out there.

Lets stop bashing and badgering the other side of the aisle, or trying to protect the party's control of the presidency, house or senate, or defending territory as it where.

Lets here some creative "out of the box" solutions.

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