Some Politically Incorrect Thoughts from VDH

I found this on several sites, finally checked it out. Don't miss the comments, they contain some priceless reminders that PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) hasn't been wiped out.

The memes about dumb Republican rich kids and stupid "trailer trash" seem to be immortal. No silver stake through the heart of them can stop their inexorable zombie stagger throughout the American media. If we are to believe the myths, Republicans have a diseugenic breeding program whereby smart parents give birth to morons, who, nonetheless, manage, through family endowments and legacy admissions, to attend the finest schools. No such devious strategies are needed to taint the intellectual accomplishments of the white poor - despite inability to benefit from Affirmative Action policies or parental arm-twisting of college admissions, they somehow manage to stumble into those non-Ivy institutions known as state schools, and, through unknown means, graduate.

Not that any education does them good; any accomplishments pale in comparison to the Liberal Elite's most mundane jobs.

Sarah Palin's work as Mayor and Governor? Piffle.
Hillary, Obama, Pelosi - Great, FABULOUS - just don't ask for specific accomplishments.

Own a profitable business that employs many people at fair wages (think Walmart)? REALLY bad.
Own a failing, subsidized alternative energy business (hopefully not actually selling anything tangible - carbon credits are SO 21st Century)? REALLY good. Particularly when your name is Kennedy or something spiffy like that.

Run a profitable media company (Rush)? Bad.
Run a failing media company (NYT)? Good.

It's all in the nuance, 'ya see.


e said…
The liberal illuminati seems to have some double standards. It's sort of like "any idea can be correct, as long as i came up with it.. and not you."

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