Lori Drew Case

This is a tough one.  The crimes that she was convicted of are misdemeanors; in fairness, she isn't guilty of greater crimes.

That having been said, what is the appropriate punishment for Ms. Drew?

Public shunning.

Yeah, I know we don't really do that anymore - more's the pity.  But, this case is the perfect example of how community pressure would be the best response.

Anywhere she is, people should walk out of - restaurants, schools, churches, anywhere.  The proper response is total silence - for the rest of her life, if she continues to be unrepentant.  It's the Amish solution, and, the fact of the matter is, it works.

Will her kids also suffer?  Probably.  Perhaps that will be the goad she needs to finally have a "come to Jesus" moment.

Sending her to jail will simply reinforce her self-centered, I'm-the-victim-here attitude.  Instead, deliver the day-to-day reminders that her behavior was childish, careless, and unacceptable in an adult society.

Will that change her?  I wouldn't count on it.  But, it's still the right thing to do.
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