Fran Hits Another One Out of the Ballpark

I'm a HUGE fan of Fran Porretto, who writes at Eternity Road. I've not been keeping up with him lately (I've been over-focused on blogs dealing with election news. Fran writes less of the super-timely current events - his stuff lingers, and will be savored for some time to come - rather like a good stew).

[Stop to eat me breakfast - the above made me realize that I'm hungry]

Here's another priceless post.
Unless you live somewhere really, really special, you have to know one or more persons who will vote for Obama on November 4. That is, you have to know one or more persons whose ethical standards and character judgment are so poor that they'll use their franchise to affirm the elevation of a lying Chicago thug to the most powerful office on Earth.

Have you asked yourself how anyone could be that stupid? If so, congratulations: you're a conservative. The giveaway is that you didn't assume those folks are villains; conservatives are reluctant to pronounce that verdict while a shred of doubt remains.

You see, your Curmudgeon has been contemplating lines: lines that run straight from the Democrats' embrace of felonious campaigning to the behavior we can expect of them if they're granted, or succeed in stealing, federal hegemony.

No human action is divorced from all other things. Every human action expresses a conviction of some sort. The conviction expressed by the theft of an election -- electoral politics being the process that obviates violent revolution as the transition mechanism between governments -- is this one: The cause is superior to any and all ethical standards.

There's a logical straight line that runs from unquestioning devotion to a cause through the willingness to steal an election to the willingness to abrogate all guarantees of rights. That line has been sketched almost to its terminus by Barack Obama's predecessors; he and his supporters are trying to complete it. Rest assured: if he gains the White House, they most certainly will.

Cults of personality, such as the one upon which Obama has risen so far, are dangerous precisely because of the crowd's tendency to free the Maximum Leader and his lieutenants from all constraints. Few of the original constraints that were supposed to safeguard our constitutional republic remain unshredded. Even freedom of expression has taken some blows. But should Obama attain the Oval Office, you can kiss what we have left --including freedom of expression, which "liberals" once hailed as the guarantor of "democracy" -- goodbye. The man is simply uninterested in your rights; if you're not one of his supporters, you deserve to be silenced. You could even be stripped of your franchise, or have it rendered insignificant by the enfranchisement of millions of illegal...whoops, excuse your Curmudgeon, undocumented immigrants.

Don't forget to Vote!


Anonymous said…
Great Post.

Wife and I cast our early vote for McCain/Palin on 10/28.

Quoth the MSM;"Not to worry. This is just another election."


Knew this after listening carefully to BHO's speach at Raleigh. This was the day he won the NC primary. No tele-prompter, off the cuff. Pure Karl Marx!

There I've said it. Might get me sent off to one of the new "Acorn" camps if he's elected, but what the hell. Damn... just gave them an innocent sounding name for the re-education camps. My Bad.

I firmly believe the American public will vote this guy back to his communist and American hating circle of friends in Chicago. Strike 2?

I take great offense to the implication from the MSM and Obamanites that I'm a racist. I have a 1,000 and one reasons for not believing in "the one". None of which have anything to do with his being black. I'm not alone.
OH,OH. Strike 3?

Guess I won't make it to the camp. Millions of Russians didn't make it either.

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