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I read this analysis of the pre-election polling with growing excitement. I was led to the site by Ace of Spades. The clincher for me was this, talking about Palin's effect on people, particularly men:
Even dry McCain became far more energetic and has sounded like a different person, as if he had passion, as time went on after Palin joined the ticket. While no one else will comment on this, it is something I’ve noticed as I have gotten older how a woman can draw out a man. Palin seems to be creating that effect from the men around her.

When I ask people, “Why do you like Palin?” they respond, “Because she is normal.” They see her family as normal, her way of talking as normal, and her personality as their personality. More intriguing, people I have asked seem to really want to watch Palin’s family for the next four years. They did not respond the same to McCain’s family, or Obama and Biden’s.

Other points in the post that resonated with me included:
The polls are way, way off this election cycle. Pollsters have admitted that this election has the highest ‘refusal to respond’ number. The ‘undecideds’ are people who don’t want to declare their choice. Why would they do that? If you belong to a Union, and they tell you to vote for Obama or ‘else’, you will not answer a pollster for it could be a union boss checking up on its members. PUMAs have declared their intention to lie to pollsters and they are organized. And there are many people who don’t want to declare ‘McCain’ because of being percieved as a ‘racist’.

Look, days away from the election and there are like 11% undecideds? No! This is not normal. The Bradley Effect is occuring with the undecideds.
Yeah. Some of those who refuse to answer polls are like me (like my ornery father, I refuse to talk to pollsters, even friendly ones. I agree with his position - it's nobody's D&&N business who I vote for.) Before today, I never considered that his refusal might have something to do with union pressure.

Dad was like a lot of people; while generally cordial, he REALLY didn't like to be pushed. When given the high-pressure treatment, he would "cut off his nose to spite his face".

Much later - 7:11 pm

I'm watching the election coverage, and winding down for the evening. Cross your fingers.


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