The VP Debate

Just finished watching the VP debate, and Palin looked good. Smiling, confident, able to think on her feet.

Michelle Malkin thinks Joe Biden looked tired. I guess, thinking about it, he did.

What I really want to know is, did Biden have advance warning of the last question?
Ifill: Can you think of a single issue that you were faced to change because of changed circumstances?
Palin's answer was OK, citing her desire to have made greater budget cuts, but admitting she had made some necessary compromises. She finished by saying she hadn't compromised on major principles.

But, Joe?
Biden has a ready answer. He’s talking about a judicial pick, cites his opposition to Robert Bork…cites his judiciary committee chairmanship.
I'm sorry, that question was not one I'd have expected him to have anticipated. Did he have advance warning of it? His answer was way too ready.


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