Another Delightful Jaunt to Movie-Land

I just love Sheila O'Malley - The Sheila Chronicles. It's a lovely little world she brings to me, a world I have only seen on-screen. And, holding my hand, she toddles off to the backstage, and reveals the unknown story behind the movies. Today, it's Buster Keaton:
...all those silent comedy stars were amazing athletes - they had to be - but Keaton was on another level. He had the fearlessness about him of all the top athletes (you know, the "let me pause in mid-air" type athletes) - the types who move first, think later. There are great stories about the day his crew filmed the famous house-falling-on-Buster scene and the camera man had to cover his eyes, he couldn't look. Many of the crew felt the same way. They felt: I can't sit here and watch a man be killed ... on camera ... Buster, that is effed up.
I never saw Buster until the days of the cheesy 1960's Beach movies. He had a long-running role in them - still poker-faced.


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