I'm babysitting today. I'm using my SIL's computer, and the keyboard space bar sometimes sticks. You have to hit hard when it does. So, if I type somethingthatlookslikethis, you'll know what it is.

The kids are great - the youngest is 5 months, and learning to crawl (I think that's the one where they hoist their butts in the air, but only use their forearms in front - it makes him look like combat infantry). The wild one (2 1/2) is watching SpongeBob. The oldest one is pretty self-sufficient. In fact, he's a big help with the others.

I should be hearing from SC today. Once I do, I can begin making decisions. Just in case, I haven't unpacked my suitcase. I also made a list of things I need to round up. I'm very ambivalent about the notion of moving. The uncertainty is the worst.


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