I finally arrived late last night in Cleveland. The flight was long enough that my legs had started their restless dance beneath my seat. It's a combination of twitchy muscles, fluid rentention due to immobility for long hours, and an increasingly desperate urge to pee.

I had fun waiting for my daughter to pick us up. You see, there are often drivers who linger in the no loitering, pick-up only lane. They sit in their car for LONG periods of time, rather than do what the considerate people do - cruise slowly, looking for their people, and, if they are not right at curbside, leaving and circling around to scan again. If you stop, you're taking up scarce spots, and forcing others to double-park. It jams up the whole process, and makes accidents likely. During the day, the cops enforce the no stopping policy. They generally fine the cabs who try it.

But this was night, and no cops in sight. So I got creative. I used my digital camera to take pictures of the license plates, and of the drivers. I'll be posting them later today - see if you recognize anyone.

I started to post the above. Totally forgot to mention the changes.

I may have a job offer in teaching. Out of town. REALLY out of town. In S. Carolina.

I'm going to call the principal later today. Once he's had a chance to wake up. I heard about it from a friend at PTRA. And, apparently, he's well known enough by people at school that they would hire on his recommendation. Because school starts THIS WEEK! So, I would have to pack, travel, and start work BY WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY! The friend was generous enough to offer me the use of his guest room until I get settled.

The way I figure it, there's no way the school system will be hiring now - BBB is resigning, and all the upper-ups will be running for cover. They will be afraid of making any decision that endangers their job, or spending money. The voters spoke again, loud and clear. Last November, the voters shot down a school levy by 60%. Last week, in an election specifically scheduled to reduce turnout, they repeated their displeasure with the administration of the schools by turning it down again - 65% negative.


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