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Check out the comments - Saintknowitall has information about Plame's agent status.

You know, I've been following the whole Rove controversy since it started, and I've concluded a few things:
  • Most people who are not pro-Bush lean to the idea that Rove committed a crime and should go. But, their opinion is on soft ground, and could quickly change if they were presented with facts contrary to it, in a form they could understand. Too many of them believe that Plame is an AGENT, not a home office analyst. Was she ever an agent? Don't know. But, if she was, she hasn't been for at least 5 years. And, that's the definition of an agent, by the Agency. Check out the source document for yourself.

  • The wording that's been released, so far, of what Rove said to Cooper seems to be short of "outing". Cooper's email is his recollection of what Rove said. If there is a recording, I'm not aware of it.
  • Rove isn't saying much. He's too savvy about politics to just hunker down and pray it passes over.

    So, I have to conclude that Rove is playing possum deliberately. He has a plan in mind, probably to surface with his story at an opportune time. And the best indication that my conclusion may be correct is Hillary's behavior. At Kerry's press conference, she let him do the talking. That's not like her - she likes the spotlight. So, what does Hillary know, or suspect, that makes bland silence the better course?

Think about what Democrat focus on this story does. It distracts them from the upcoming Supreme Court nominations. I sense a last-minute blitzkrieg coming on.


saintknowitall said…
Plame has not been a covert agent since 1994. See my link to an article discussing this at my blog, if you have a chance.

saintknowitall said…
Thanks for the trackback!!

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