I've been reading Pat Sajak's columns. Yes, THAT Pat Sajak. Honest. He's not just a game show host.

The one that caught my eye is the one in which he discusses likely winners of Presidential races. He acsribes to the PUB Theory - Pat's Unified Beer Theory.
Looking back over the past 25 years, the person elected President was the candidate with whom most Americans would rather have a beer. But PUB is not about drinking; it’s about attitude. Which candidate would really engage you in a conversation? Who could sit down in your kitchen and really talk with you without the aid of speechwriters and advisors?

If you look at possible runners for the next Presidential election, could you possibly imagine Hillary being the one to hoist a few brewskis with? And enjoying it?

I didn't think so. If Pat's theory holds beer water, Hillary hasn't a chance.

Go, read the rest of the post. Check out the archives, too. Sajak is really good.


MaxedOutMama said…
I have run into Sajak's posts, and they are good. Original.

As for the theory, obviously it does have some weaknesses. All other things being equal, it probably holds true. But no one ever wanted to have a beer with Nixon and I doubt most did with Carter either. Billy was a different story.

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