I was reading the always-absorbing MaxedOutMama, who writes about failure to believe someone's own words:
It is amazing to me how many people who have theoretically, at least, received a good and well-rounded education understand nothing at all about the rise of Nazi ideology or what Nazi ideology actually was. The same types of people who did not see the truth then are making the same mistake now in their attitudes toward Islamic terrorism.

My fourth-grade teacher stopped in class one day (we were going over a lesson about European history of the 1930's) and told us that a lot of good people had made a terrible mistake because they had failed to read Mein Kampf or failed to believe that Hitler believed what he wrote in Mein Kampf. This failure to believe Hitler's own words allowed the leaders of the day to adopt a policy of appeasement toward Hitler as he seized nations, exercised terror against his political opponents, and committed mass murder against portions of his own civilian population. The arrests and murders began within the first month in which he held effective power in Germany.

Nonetheless, many in the United States refused to believe that his aim was in fact what he had written it was.

What would you think about a person so blind to reality that, when a mugger shoved a gun in their face, and said, "If you don't give me all your money, I'll blow your head off," replied, "Oh, I'm sure that's just your exaggerated way of expressing yourself." You'd think they were a lunatic, wouldn't you?

When the Islamofascists start ranting about declaring war on the infidel, take them seriously. If you still can't believe that their words contain a warning about the danger, check out Dhimmi Watch.

Lesson for the day - when someone threatens you, believe them. It's possible they're bluffing, but, if they're not - it could kill you.


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