During the Vietnam War, protesters could count on a large crowd by spreading the rumor that they would be napalming a dog in public.

Once they gathered a crowd, they pointed out the absurdity of going over-the-top over an animal, but being perfectly OK with a human suffering the same fate.

Maybe it's time to forcibly remove food and water from a dog - right in front of the hospice that holds Terri.

That's WOODSIDE HOSPICE: 6770 102nd Ave. Pinellas Park, Florida, if you want to bring the dog.

Picture that on the 6 pm news - a dog, whining in hunger and thirst. Those pitiful eyes being caught by cameras. Imagine how the public would clamor for an end to the "torture" and "cruelty" of a dog.

Why won't they also care about the suffering of a person?


Mokkori said…
Puppies can be trained not to shit in the house. Terri cannot. She's a vegetable and should be allowed to expire with a modecum of dignity.
Anonymous said…
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