I still don't feel very well, but I'm going to go into work. I'm currently a sub teacher, and, if I don't work, I don't get paid. I mentioned to the sub center, when she called, that I still didn't feel great. She gave me a job at the high school (a little newer and cleaner building), that shouldn't involve too much running around. Hopefully, an easy day.

Any time I have a respiratory infection, it tends to bring on an asthma attack. For the past few months, I've had one flare-up after another.

One side effect of the meds I'm on is that it brings on insomnia. The beauty of the Internet is that it's available around the clock. Beats trying to find anything to watch on TV.

I just stopped another nosebleed. The decongestants dry me up, but then I tend to get nosebleeding. Sometimes, I don't know what's worse - stuffy or irritated and bloody.

I may be out of town for a few days. My husband's mother is quite ill. We will be traveling to PA - not sure how long I'll stay.


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