Not Sure How This All Fits into the Bigger Picture, But...

Status 451 has a thought-provoking post. His point of view is one that is often missed, as he writes from the POV of a Project Engineer.

Is it OK to 'out' someone with whom you disagree, given that their lifestyle is repellant to you? This is a tremendous story, about someone who was clearly out to 'get' this person, apparently because they disagreed with him in a private organization (one of the tech conferences). There was NO evidence that he was anti-woman, but that wasn't sufficient for this person to use duplicity to make his life as close to hellish as possible.

Here's another analysis of the above situation, and how/why it occurs. Fascinating insight into the minds of people who are operating under different principles that you.

Why do so many organizations operate like medieval communities confronting dissident behavior? By that, I mean - shaming, shunning, forcing public confession, penances, etc. Wonder no more.

Here's another take on the above.

What are your Guiding Principles? Compare them with these from Status 451.



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