Post-Independence Day Reflections

Many of the Boomer Generation consider the protestors of the 1960's and 1970's to have been operating from the loftiest principles - Freedom, Justice, and Love.

I'd suggest you read this synopsis of the times. I remember some of this (amazingly, a lot of this, I had forgotten - blame the need to make a living). I did check out a few of the less familiar incidents/persons - the general consensus is that the FACTS are correct. Some may disagree with the point of view.

It was Culture War I.

Full Disclosure: I'd either forgotten, or never knew, about the activities of the FALN - the Puerto Rican terrorists, that were funded by the Episcopal Church.

Yes, the Episcopal Church.

Kind of puts that release of the Puerto Rican terrorist freed by Barack Obama, into context, doesn't it?

The whole thing is long, but important. Make sure you get to the end, where he writes about likely tactics and strategies in the future.
If you notice who Lefties really tend to go after, it’s two kinds of people:
  1. Righties who might be growing in popularity and/or influence, to make them radioactive and make others afraid to associate with them
  2. regular people, who have employment and social fragility, to make them scared to admit WrongThink.
We're already in the middle of Culture War II. Near the end of the linked post is a vision of this nasty future. It might make a good discussion with your circle on Facebook, Google+, or Gab -  if you haven't joined, you really need to. Gab is non-censored discussion for ADULTS.

Read it - don't get caught by surprise by unfolding events.



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