Things Are Heating Up Again

Life had slowed down a little (Thank God, as I was able to use that time to (1) clean/organize my house - not completely, but significantly, and, (2) catch up on work/grading/business).

As a result, I have not been updating my blog posts, except sporadically.  Which, given how much this election is beginning to resemble a cage match, is probably a good thing.

The next debate is at 9 pm tonight.  Preceding it is the Cleveland Indians/Boston Red Sox game at 4 pm.  I may just skip that latter event.  I've not watched most of the debates this cycle - after about 15-20 minutes, I've had enough.  I can pick up the highlights from the news, fact-check that news with the blogs, and save myself a lot of time.

So, I may just turn in early, and enjoy my Professional Development Day on Monday.



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