What EVER Could Be the Reason?

Two travelers were singled out for - get this - weight discrimination, and FORCED to get onto a scale.

Not only that, but they were then put into seats that they did NOT choose, to make sure that the mass of passengers on the plane was evenly distributed - because that would be important in making sure that the plane didn't crash.

Oh, the HORROR!

I did laugh, because it was Hawaiian Airlines.  You know, the place that has 45% of its native population obese.  Not to pick on them, it's a serious health issue, and they should not be shamed for something they apparently have in their genetic makeup.

It's not surprising that some of the traveling public might be a wee bit heavier than the average - or a LOT.

Come on!  Placating the travelers, and pretending that their greater weight won't cause stability issues with the plane is NOT a satisfactory solution.



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