Where Are The Feminists on E-Mail Scandal?

If I read ONE more time about how Hillary - a woman only a few brief years older that I am - is just an out-of-touch-with-technology WOMAN, I'm gonna hurl.

For crying out loud, I'M a woman, and I not only use that technology, I read about it, am aware of security needs, and know that she was:

  1. Either so clueless that she is thereby declaring herself incompetent for the job she's seeking, or

  2. Lying her overstuffed a$$ off

I tend to believe (2), but - as it happens - there is no absolute need to consider (1) ALSO an option, simultaneously.

Her serial lying is a problem, but not for the reason you'd think.

She's REALLY bad at it.

Today's national leaders have to be GOOD liars.  Her husband was the Gold Standard in this aspect.

The ignorance thing is a concern.  If she genuinely is that clueless, it's hardly a Feminist Triumph to make such a Dingbat the next President.

I see no need for that level of what Steve Allen called "Dumbth".  Yes, I realize that she didn't major in computers in college.  Neither did I.

But - despite having gone to a local college, not a prestigious Ivy like Hill - I realized that a working knowledge of such an integral part of our economy was essential to understand its future.

So, I took the time to learn about technology.  It paid off, big time, over the last 28 years.  I'm too old to be considered a "Digital Native", but, over time, I acquired an understanding that allows me to participate in this Brave New World.  Hillary could have done the same - but didn't bother.

She now presents herself as a ditzy WOMAN, who just "cain't figger out them fancy new-fangled thingies".

She is a profound embarrassment to all American women.


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