How People Choose Their Leaders

Actually, it's a LOT like they choose their bands, shoes, cars, and spouses.


In all of the above, they like how their choice makes them FEEL.

I was having a discussion with a friend who is passionate about rock bands.  I said, "My husband likes his 1950's singers for the same reason you like your bands."

He started to argue with me, pointing out all of the reasons why HIS bands ruled - the lyrics, the instrumental virtuosity, the unforgettable music.

Nope, I said.  You chose them for the same reason.

They make you FEEL like you were young again.  They remind you of how it was to be young, at the peak of your physical powers, and attractive to potential partners.

You love the FEELING, not the music.

Many people pick their shoes the same.  I've long been puzzled by the many celebrity women, who, judging from the deformations of their feet, will wear tremendously uncomfortable shoes, that cause their foot and toe structure to undergo permanent damage.

When you ask them why they wear those shoes, they exclaim that the shoes are SO comfortable.

Their own body tells the lie.

So, why do they choose those shoes?

Because when they wear them, they FEEL glamorous, sexy, stylish.

It's about the FEELINGS.

That's a major reason why Ted Cruz - some say the MOST qualified person in the presidential race - cannot gain traction.

True, he is also handicapped by a (until recently) crowded field.  But, that doesn't tell the entire story.  He is appealing to our reason, our logic - but, that's NOT how most people make their choice.

Cruz is not gifted with the ability to touch people's emotions.  I'm not sure that it's a teachable skill - it my be one of those things you either have, or have not.


I think I figured out WHY Rubio was so slow to quit the race.  He had to realize that the numbers were not his friend.  So, it makes sense that winning was not, after the first few primaries/caucuses, his motivation.

I think he stayed in deliberately to tank Cruz's chances.  I think his ego was involved.

Why Cruz?

Because only Cruz could block him from being the FIRST Hispanic President.

And, therefore, being in the history books for all time.

Anyone else wouldn't keep him from realizing his dream.  Only Ted stood in the way.


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How People Choose Their Leaders « Right As Usual
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How People Choose Their Leaders « Right As Usual
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How People Choose Their Leaders « Right As Usual

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