New Year, Same As the Old Year...

New Decade, Same As the Old Decade.
Let's see, what hasn't changed:

  • Muslims still blowing themselves up/trying to blow themselve up?
  • Muslims still playing Car-B-Que in France?
    • Check
    • This isn't clear from the story, but, yep, it's "youths of undetermined ethnicity"
  • Christians in Africa and Asia still dying?
  • Christian women world-wide still being targeted by Muslims for kidnapping/marriage/forced conversion?
  • Government still not understanding that it's not THEIR money to spend?
  • US leftists still pussy-footing about calling this war a war?
  • No relationship between spending priorities and needs/wants of the average US citizen?
  • Still a crime to call a spade a spade?
Same old, same old.



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