Too Mega-Busy to Write

Mind you, I've been reading other people's blogs. No sense in being TOO busy for the really important things. But, I have been:
  • Cleaning - we've been sorting, organizing, and throwing away stuff (yes, kids, I mean your father is actually throwing away - try not to faint)
  • Preparing for a cooking/baking orgy.  Once about every 2-3 years, I get enthused about baking bread - today is that time.  Once I get part of my desk area cleared off, I plan to get started with the bread thingy.  I've also get the ingredients in for some Weight Watchers recipes - yes, I definitely weigh too much.
  • Getting ahead on the tax prep - receipts don't organize themselves. 
  • Pulling together my physics stuff - I'll be teaching a class about a week from now.
  • Finishing off another of those online classes - I think I have only about 3 more classes, and I'll be able to get paid for Master's plus 30.


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