Last Night's Debate

Was it just me, or was Edwards having a sly old good time throwing little zingers at BOTH Hillary and Obama? I chose to vote in the Republican primary (mostly to try to keep that weasel, Huckabee, from winning), so cannot affect the outcome.

My guy, Thompson, didn't perform as strongly as he needed to in SC. He hasn't officially quit, but it may be only a matter of time.

I heard a rumor that Huckabee may be - at least temporarily - broke. That should help McCain, since I have to believe that those favoring Thompson or Paul wouldn't vote for the sanctimonious little #$%^& on a bet.

McCain did well on the coastal Lowcountry region. Retirees have moved in, and supplanted the feudal native Republicans. My only question is, are they legally registered to vote? Or are they the increasingly common dual-residency elders, who are registered in both their home state, and in the South? I know WHY they do it (to take advantage of the lower owner-resident taxes in both places), but I grind my teeth about it, nonetheless.


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