Amnesty? Yes, It Is

This is pure gold
through linguistic acrobatics, the traitors pushing this agenda don’t call their proposals amnesty. The proposals are referred to as a “path to citizenship or an earned path to citizenship”, what ever that means.

The bottom line is not only is it amnesty, it’s amnesty on steroids.

If a bank robber were to receive amnesty for robbing a bank, the criminal would be forgiven for that crime. There would be no jail time and no record for committing the crime. However, the bank robber would not be able to keep the money he stole as part of the amnesty granted. If able to keep the fruits of the crime, that would take amnesty to a whole new level. This type of amnesty could not be considered forgiveness but rather rewarding the crime.

Those that advocate for the illegal aliens seek and propose this “Super Amnesty”. Not only do they want forgiveness of the crimes committed by illegal aliens, they want the illegal aliens to be able to keep the fruits of their criminal activity.

They propose illegal aliens get to stay in the country and get fast tracked to the one of the most precious things in the world, American citizenship. At a flick of the amnesty switch, they go from illegal status to legal status, thus losing little if anything for the crimes they committed. Most importantly, they get to keep everything they absconded with through their illegal activity. This is amnesty on steroids.
The logic is clear.
Another element to their amnesty proposals is to allow those here in violation of the law for the longest period of time, preferential treatment over those who recently started to break the law with their presence in the country. In essence, the traitors want to reward the longevity of the illegal alien.
Could it be any easier to understand the stakes involved?

To allow amnesty is to give up on the idea that the law stands above any individual. That's the bedrock idea behind America. In America, it shouldn't matter whether you come from wealthy people, influential families, or belong to a well-connected tribe. You, the individual, stand equal with any person under the law.


Wild Thing said…
Your so right, GREAT post on this.
I love your blog.Thank you for all you do, it means a lot to know there are those of us out here that do love America and want to protect her.

I don't know if you saw this or not, but I mentioned you in one of my posts and also linked to your blog.

Thanks agian for being you.

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