Gruesome Discovery

The Guard the Borders Blogbursts seemed to have stopped for a time. In the meantime, I have other resources. The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII) has been providing some fascinating information about the state of our borders. Headless bodies have been turning up.
Generally we think of beheading in places like the Middle East, not in our backyard. This is not Islamic terrorists, it's Mexican drug gangs. This particular man may have been a police officer. Part of this brutality is over 'billion-dollar smuggling routes into the United States.'
You know, I understand the people who support the individuals who cross the borders. Many of them are probably not horrible people. They are ambitious, and just have an economic motive. But whether they intend it or not, their ACTIONS have a disastrous effect on the American economy, and its culture, as well. This country just isn't able to absorb so many people whose language, culture, and values aren't in line with ours.

What do I mean language? It's not the fact that they speak another language - it's that they resist becoming proficient in English. Without that capability, their ability to benefit from their presence in this country, legal or not, will be severely limited. We cannot continue to be receptive to immigrants unless they make an effort to become familiar with the main language of that country. The whole point of their entry into this country is to eventually have their children be able to take part in the American Dream - and they CANNOT do that if they are unable to communicate with the majority of Americans. Guys, this isn't Canada - multilingual ISN'T our tradition.

Culture? Do they understand how OUR culture functions? That, generally, public officials are paid by the government (relatively well), and needn't be bribed to do their job. That it's OK to oppose the government. That citizens have RIGHTS that others should not? That it's NOT OK to favor relatives over more-qualified applicants for jobs? Just to name a few of the accepted norms.

Values? Try reading the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

It's not the general illegal alien that is the focus of the efforts of the anti-illegal coalitions, but the thug who comes in through the porous borders. However, the average Jose also poses a problem - he takes services without paying for them (schools, medical care, etc.), he undercuts the minimum wage laws, and contributes to unemployment of minorities, and, by his association with criminals who provide him with false identification documents, he becomes a part of the illegal underground. He also ROBS legal, hard-working Americans of their identity, and causes them major problems with credit in the future.


Debbie said…
Excellent article. Common sense view of illegal aliens. I share your view. I'm not anti-immigration, but as we've seen in other countries, if immigrants don't assimilate it causes huge problems, a divided country, divided loyalties. Plus, I want folks here legally, I don't want the criminals, terrorists, drug gangs. I want those who truly want to become AMERICANS.

Thanks for the mention.
Linda said…
I've started to post more often on immigration issues again. I'm planning to pick one day a week to post - maybe on Thursdays.

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