2008 Elections

I am definitely NOT ready to start the next presidential election season, but, just as with Christmas, there are those who can't wait for the official start of the season.

Dennis Miller is one. He has a funny video up on Foxnews.

Miller seems to act as though McCain and Guiliani have a virtual lock on the nomination. If, by some chance they DO get the nod, look for a major blowout - the Republican party will fractionate, go into meltdown, and hand the election, gift-wrapped, to the Democrats. The only Republicans that like those two are the RINOs. And they can't deliver the votes - they're too busy pretending they're really undercover Democrats.

Look, the two so-called front-runners carry more baggage than a skycap trailing after Oprah Winfrey's world tour. They have news-worthy divorces, pro-abortion views, and, between the two of them, more flip-flops than either Kerry or a carload of sophomores headed to Florida for spring break.

If the votes of honest conservatives are necessary to elect a president, they have no chance to warm the Oval Office seat.

Nominating them could be the chance of a lifetime for Democrats. They could win the election (without resorting to digging up old, dead, Democrats). Once in, they could finally LEGALLY (if you don't consider the Constitution) get all the illegal alien ALL-BUT-LEGAL-WOULD-BE-CITIZENS the full rights to participate in every aspect of American life - including the right to disrespect the working person.


Anonymous said…
FWIW, I think Giuliani would do better in November than McCain would. I for one would be willing to consider supporting Giuliani. McCain is a dealbreaker from the get-go.

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