Some thoughts on stopping illegals

Lemme just throw out some ideas:

  • Let's both put the unemployed to work and get some assistance with moving Pedro back to the proper side of the border.

    Use the bounty hunters. Offer bonuses if they catch an illegal who also has an arrest warrant against them.

  • Use deputized assistants to grab the illegals. Keep them on bologna diets for a few weeks, then ship them to the border. I feel confident that there are enough unemployed Americans (use retirees for recon, paperwork, and logistics work and save the strong-arm types for the actual muscle jobs) to make a serious dent in the numbers.

  • Mandate use of the Social Security number verification system. If an employer knowingly hires illegals (more than 1/4 of the labor force should be considered prima faci evidence of collusion), here's an idea - also deport the person responsible - without a passport! You like those people so much, you live with them - in their country!

  • Disallow deductions for illegals as an expense on the income tax. Make companies pay BOTH parts of FICA for any employee they hire that turns out to be "off-the-books". Also, the company pays the back Worker's Comp, Unemployment Insurance, etc., plus penalties.
I was watching "The Untouchables" last week. The basic supposition that, if you can't get the crooks on violent felonies, get them on IRS technicalities, is still sound. Let's use the already legal means we have to nail both those employing illegals, and the illegals themselves.

I think it's pretty clear that the whole Federal government, from the House and Senate, to the Executive branch, to the Judicials, lack any pretense to having cojones. So, let's not depend on them. Let's do a Joe Arpaio - use the existing regs and statutes, interpreted OUR way, to do the job others are too chicken to do.

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Akaky said…
Linda, those arent technicalities. Just how many illegals actually file income tax returns and if they dont, why not? The law does not differentiate between legal and illegal sources of income (Sullivan v. United States, Rutkin v. United States), and if an illegal does not file a return then they are committing a crime, as if their presence here did not constitute a violation of law. This country does not need new laws for dealing with the problem of illegal immigration; it simply needs the political will to enforce the laws currently on the books.
David said…
Well, Vicente Fox wants to send us (IS sending us) his illiterate, unskilled (and his lapdog, G.W. Bush wants to help), so let's return the favor: all people who are second or third generation welfare, the line for the all-expense-paid bus trip to Mexico forms at the right. No, your other right. College grads who still can't read, just follow the double yellow line due south. Oh, and the fifty senators who voted to give illegals Social Security benefits? Air dropped with backpacks full of chum 5 miles off Cozumel.

Better than getting 50 good ropes dirty.

But I like the idea of offering a bounty on illegals tuened in (alive). At $2,500 a head, I could retire to Mexico in a month. To Vail in less than a year.
Anonymous said…
it's a little disgusting that you seem to forget that immigrants, even illegal ones, are people. not cattle. people. you know, with cognitive abilities and souls, if you believe in that sort of thing, which i'm pretty sure you do.

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