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Good thing I wasn't eating when I read this on Cold Fury:
Hagel/McClain is pushing an immigration bill that would bring 100+million new immigrants in the next 10 years. Gee, do you think that might destabilize the country just a tad? Hey, here’s an idea: let’s make it easier for educated people to come here legally, and harder for illiterate, uneducated people who don’t like this country to come here illegally. I know, I know, I shouldn’t stick it to poor President Bush that way. He wants me to be a caring blogger, a compassionate blogger, a welcoming blogger. But hey, what can I say… I guess I’m just a blogger who does the work compassionate, non-demented Americans won’t do.(My emphasis)

What's with this "work Americans won't do?" I've done a lot of jobs in my time, including in-home child care (major sucky), waitressing, retail sales, stock room, filing, typing, copy clerk, telephone operator, just to name a few. I've cleaned up junk no one should have to (too many people treat the cleaners as their personal maids - not that the maid wouldn't quit rather than clean up after such slobs). I've worked jobs that were poorly paid that I couldn't afford to quit. I spent a miserable 5 months once, dodging the boss's wandering hands, trying not to lose the job.

When the union my husband and I belonged to went on strike, I had 3 jobs within 24 hours. When the union rep asked when I was going to walk the picket line, I told him "when I don't have to work 3 jobs and I get paid like the other teachers". He was not happy with me. Tough - he had no problem taking my money, but couldn't be bothered to make sure that all certified teachers got full pay.

This whole "jobs Americans won't do" is nonsense. The reason illegals are preferred is because they won't complain - about pay that isn't minimum wage, about working conditions that violate standards, about working overtime without extra pay.

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David said…
Absolutely. And you heard President Bush talk about the "meaningful penalty" illegals would have to pay under his proposal to become citizens. "Meaningful penalty"—his words. Taken from his speech verbatim, that "meaningful penalty" is "to pay their taxes to learn English and to work in a job for a number of years."

Huh?!?!? If paying one's taxes, learning (and presumably speaking) English and working is the penalty these people have to pay for breaking the law, then I want to know what law I've broken that I'm "pay[ing]" the same "penalty" for?

(BTW, I got a good laugh and a "I never thought of it that way" from the White House comments line operator I spoke to about that.)

Call, write, fax. Ask your congresscritters if this is the "penalty" these people will be asked to pay, what YOU are being penalized for.

Fuller tratment of this (and other) parts of President Bush's disingenuous speech at my blog, filed under the topics, No more bullshit" and Guard the Border", and a treatment that includes John McCain's defense of the President's proposal at http://www.jerrypournelle.com/mail/mail414.html#penalty

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