Osama Bin Laden as Christ - oh, brother!

This is insulting to Christianity. However, I am not overcome with the urge to gather all my friends together, and storm the gates of the "art" gallery. The artist, Tafa, is pictured below on the left.

Lest you think the resemblance to OBL was unintentional, WiredNewYork's Morry Alter talked to Tafa, and asked about that:
On the phone with me, the artist declined to do an on-camera interview, telling me the work speaks for itself, but adding, the resemblance to Bin Laden was no accident.
His bio:
Born in Ghana, West Africa, Tafa obtained a bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Art, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science Technology in Kumasi, Ghana. In 1991, he moved to New York City. With vision and energy, Tafa´s expression continues to grasp the core of life, song, motion, and truth.
Well, SOME people like his work. The Eickholt Gallery has this to say about Tafa:
Born in Ghana, West Africa, TAFA's sensibilities are informed by the vibrancy and
rhythms of his culture. He achieved international acclaim for the work that won
him first prize in the Swiss Painting Competition in 1989, and since has been a
growing sensation in the New York art world. Many of his works reflect various
sociopolitical issues surrounding struggle with rich hued abstract subtlety.
Among the most stunning of his works are his stadium pieces which offer a
profound sense of visual depth with an almost cursory reliance on subject matter.
These are images that must be seen to be believed.
Yeah, the OBL as Christ piece has to be seen to be believed.

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