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Aw, Francis, my man, you're in rare form with this one. Leave it to you to spank the striped-pants brigade, and leave a mark:
The United States is a highly significant nation in many ways, but most significant in international and symbolic terms for this: we represent uncompromising principles of liberty and justice. We'll go to war to uphold and maintain them; indeed, we've gone to war several times to bring them to others. The other free and semi-free nations of the world point to us as their icon, the land where the ideals to which they've pledged themselves were born and are best defended. The impact of equivocation from the State Department, or any bastion of high federal officialdom, on something as fundamental as freedom of speech could be internationally disastrous.

Dear President Bush:

Please issue a definitive statement of absolute, unconditional support for Denmark as soon as possible. And kindly instruct those striped-pants clowns at State to keep their traps shut until they can say something worthy of an ordinary, freedom-loving American.

Yours most sincerely,
Francis W. Porretto
Curmudgeon Emeritus of Eternity Road.
Go, read the entire thing. I confess, when I read the updated State Dept. communique (can't find the accent thing), I was just relieved that it was better than the first one, which I posted about below.

But he's right - we can't afford the luxury of NOT nailing our flag to the mast. For our own protection, if nothing else, we need to make it clear that we won't back down on basic principles of democracy.

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