Personal Update

Personal Update

I have a roommate.  He’s a Physics teacher, new to this area, and an old friend.  I was the one who first recommended him for the job, so I feel a personal interest in helping him get settled.  My husband was in town this weekend, helping him move in.  He’s made a commitment to speeding up his move down here, maybe as early as January.

My husband put in a bid on a house we like.  It’s 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, large kitchen, utility room, pantry, and, of course bath.  Which last is too small.  It may be our first home remodeling project.

The attraction that sold us is the separate building for a shop.  It’s a former flower shop, with a separate room in the back for a large office.  My new roommate is also a nationally certified nail technician, so he’s interested in renting it for a sideline business.

Yeah, I know, that last sentence made you pause and read again.  A Chemistry/Physics teacher, and a nail technician.  That’s right.

Bao (pronounced like the bow of a ship) is originally from Viet Nam, as is his fiancĂ©e.  They’re getting married in the spring.  So, he needed a place to stay, but didn’t want to get something more permanent.  Hence, rooming with me is perfect.

He’s a good cook, so I’m looking forward to improving my diet.


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