Veteran's Day

On Friday, I will have to go to work, as usual. What public ceremonies are available, I don't yet know. I will, however, at 11:11, pause class for a few moments, as my part in remembering the men and women of the Armed Forces. If you have the money, a good rememberance would be to donate to:

Any Soldier

Military links include:

There are more worthy mili-blogs, but I'm running out of time. Besides, my sweetie is, as I type this, on the road to me. He will, God willing, be here sometime tomorrow evening (early, I hope), and we will spend a precious few days together. We still haven't managed to work out the logistics and finances for him to move down here with me. But, I have hopes that we will soon solve those problems. Until then, we snatch time like a kindergarten grabs Halloween candy, quickly, before it disappears.
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