I'm not setting' on the veranda (I really don't know what a veranda is), but I'm disconnected from the main computer. I've gotten back my wireless (and I did it myself this time). I'm so proud of myself.

I just returned from yoga. It was an introductory class; don't know if I'll continue. I'll have to wait until I try to get out of bed tomorrow - if I start clenching my teeth in agony, I may try to find some other way to get in shape. But, it was relaxing, and fun.

I'm at the end of my first week in teaching for a while. It was mostly good, some excellent, and only one truly hairy moment. Tomorrow is the football game, my first in town. I understand that the games are a big thing, so I'll try to go to at least a few.

My major time efforts for the next month will be spent preparing for the Praxis II. Since I'm new to SC, and I never took it, I have to pass the Physics, Chemistry, and General Science test - 120 questions. Another teacher in the building and I are going to work like mad on the Chemistry - it's been over 35 years since high school Chemistry, and over 15 years since college chemistry.

Here's a picture of a South Carolina sunset - they're not all like that, but it IS a beautiful state.


Army Wife said…
If you think you are proud of yourself for installing wireless, imagine how proud you will feel when "downward dog" is a resting pose....I promise it gets easier, and you will feel great!! Proud of you for going!!

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