Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I've sort of settled in, and am beginning to feel at home (as much as I can without my husband and family). Although the weather is REALLY hot (in the 90s most days - apparently, there's something called the heat index, which acts like an inverse chill factor), my asthma has markedly improved. I'm also eating less junk food, and walking more, so my clothes are fitting looser.

I'm enjoying teaching again. Even without all my stuff and equipment, I've been improvising, and get a real kick out of making science concepts clear to the kids. Today, it was density - I used kitty litter and rice as the materials we tested. Tomorrow, I'll have them test salt water and fresh water.

I'm going to be very busy over the next month. I have to take the PRAXIS test in Chemistry, Physics, and General Science in the middle of September. I've heard that the test is a bear. I'm just going to hunker down, review as much as I can, and try to shore up my weak spots (primarily Chemistry, but also some topics in Physics).

Pray for me.

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